5 Facts about EB Bras

Hello EB Friends - 

Loulou here, with some more tips, tricks, and cool facts about your favorite intimates brand. 

Here are five facts that you may not know about Evelyn & Bobbie: 

  • It all started with the Defy Bra. If you are new to EB you may not know that for over a year we only offered two bra styles: the Defy Bra and the Defy Tank. Over the years these have evolved into the updated Defy and the Smoothing Cami. We introduce new styles based on requests and suggestions from our customers (not passing fashion trends).
  • We practice collaborative design. Our amazing design and production team work diligently to make sure we are offering products that are truly better than anything else on the market. We regularly conduct focus groups, send out customer surveys, and host hundreds of wear testers in order to make sure we are listening to our customers’ wants and needs. 
  • EB is intergenerational. Our customer experience team regularly speaks to mothers buying bras for their daughters, as well as their own mothers! Some of our most loyal customers are in their 70s and gush about how they never thought they would experience this much comfort from a bra. To see an item of apparel be coveted by women of all ages, from teenagers to retirees, is pretty amazing. 
  • The magic is in the EB Core ® We are the only bras out there that can claim the patented EB Core ®, which is a meticulously designed internal sling that lifts and separates the bust from below. Other bras rely on straps to hold the weight of your breast tissue. Ouch! 
  • Every bra size is designed individually. Most companies get the specs on one size, and then simply guess all other sizes based on that. We look at each size individually and design down to the millimeter. Larger sizes are not just more fabric, they have more internal support structured in. 

Anything else you’d like to know? Our incredible Customer Experience team is always standing by to answer any bra questions you may have! Reach out to us at connect@evelynbobbie.com, or by replying directly to this email! 



I am coming up on my fourth year (omg!) working as the head of Customer Experience here at Evelyn & Bobbie. I wholeheartedly believe in this product and see evidence everyday that we are improving the lives of  bra wearers.