Why Patents Matter

I talk about our patents a lot. But patents are complicated, so I wanted to explain why they are such a big deal for us, and for the world of bras. (Yes, we are actually making bra history here.) 

The Unique Value of Utility Patents

The “big deal” with EB’s bra patents is that they are utility patents, not design patents. Design patents protect the way things look. (Think: Burberry Plaid.)  Utility patents protect the way something works. (Think: iPhone.) We were able to get utility patents because Evelyn & Bobbie bras actually work differently. 

Our mission is to create products that work. There are a million cute bras out there that don’t do a damn thing for your 36DDs. Evelyn & Bobbie on the other hand, is solving ergonomic, anatomical, and engineering problems – not putting bows and lace on something mediocre. 

Changing Lives One Bra at a Time

Everyday when we read love letters from women like you, talking about how we have changed your life, we puff up our chests and stand a little taller. 

This year we’re releasing two new bras. The first is the Bobbie Scoop. It comes out in April. The second is the Starlette Plunge and it comes out in August. You’re going to want both. Both have our lowest necklines yet, and both add a unique value proposition to your bra drawer. That’s by design. 

You see, we’re not interested in creating a million “meh” bras or products that will sit in your drawer unworn. We’re interested in solving real problems, for you.

Engaging with Our Community

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your world. Thank you for coming into our offices and for taking our surveys to help us develop optimal fit. Thank you for reading these emails where I get to talk about my obsession with product design. 

And most of all, thank you for telling your friends and family about EB. It matters. A lot.

A Shoutout to the Innovators

And to all you engineers, tinkerers, DIYers and craftspeople out there… keep on innovating! There are more solutions than problems. Why not you?

With love,


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