Why should I preorder?
When you preorder, you will be the first to get your Everyday Bustier™. Our earliest customers are also integral to providing feedback and input on the experience to continue Evelyn & Bobbie’s tradition of keeping our customers at the center of all design decisions.

Why is the Everyday Bustier™ more expensive than some other bras?
The EB was designed by selecting the finest materials, custom-fabricated components, and is virtually seamless (we use a premium stitch-free technology so it’s smooth, inside and out!). We believe in investing in high-quality products. Based on our research, most women have more than $400 worth of bras sitting in their drawer that they rarely/never wear. That’s because most bras don’t do the job. The EB does. We believe you’ll experience the difference every day.

What makes The Everyday Bustier™ unique?
The Everyday Bustier™ is unlike any bra you've tried. It's a supportive, seamless, comfortable, without underwire and completely optional straps. No more compromising between comfort, beauty, and freedom. This is all possible thanks to the EB Core™ technology
— a 3D support system that replaces archaic underwires. What makes the EB truly innovative is the application of the latest technology, data science, and materials to the design. It's the bra of the future. 

Shipping, Returns, Exchanges

When will I get my order?
We have everything ready to go. A complete design, an amazing factory, and the best materials available. But building the next generation bra takes time. We promise it’ll be worth your wait. 

Knickers & Essentials Bundles begin shipping December 12, 2017.

Some bra sizes begin shipping mid-December 2017, with additional sizes expected to ship in January 2018.

Do you offer international shipping?
We are currently only shipping within the United States at this time. We are working to be able to ship internationally. 

What is Evelyn & Bobbie’s shipping policy?
Once product is ready, our standard shipping is 5-7 business days. Expedited shipping is available at an additional fee.

What is Evelyn & Bobbie’s return policy?
If you don’t absolutely love your Everyday Bustier™, we’ll give you a full refund for the cost of the bra within 60 days. Our packaging allows for easy returns and exchanges.


How do I find the right size bra for me?
The old-school sizing system never worked. Our bodies are more complicated than just band and cup sizes. Evelyn & Bobbie created a new sizing system with smaller size increments for a more accurate fit. We call it the EB Match™. There are two simple ways to find your EB Match™: At Home (beginning in early October 2017) or at one of our exclusive Fit Salons. Both focus on collecting information on your size, shape, and preferences to make sure you get the most comfortable bra with the best fit. We’ll keep you updated and informed, every step of the way.

Do you carry my size?
While we go beyond traditional cup and band sizing, our first offerings cover roughly bands 28-38 and cups B-G. Our size offerings will expand even further in 2018.

Is the At-home Fit easy?
Yes. The At-home fit is quick and easy. You’ll capture your size and fit for your order using our easy measuring guide and completing a quick questionnaire around your current bra experiences, preferences, and size/fit issues. Our At-home Fit will launch in October, allowing you to find your EB Match in the comfort of your own home.

What are Fit Salons?
Fit Salons are luxe pop-up shops where we gather your key fit measurement information and give you an opportunity to select your fabric and other product features in person. We'll notify you about Fit Salons in your area and opportunities to reserve your spot.