Revolutionizing a 100-year-old industry

Question Limitations

We reject outdated assumptions, push past the limits of our industry, our partners and our own history.The underwire technology had not been challenged for over 100 years - until we invented something better.

Simplify Problems

We ask questions, then we ask more. We get to the root of the problem and solve it. “How can we create a wire-free, pain-free bra that actually lifts and supports without discomfort?”

Use Science for Solutions

We see the magic in the natural world and use innovative techniques to translate it into our products. Our patented EB Core technology looks to nature as our roadmap, using biomimicry to defy gravity with weightless lift and support.

Patented Lift & Comfort

Scientifically Designed, with You in Mind

In the US only 12% of patents are granted to women. Our founder, Bree McKeen, has six of them. Our innovative and unique designs are based on the idea of biomimicry. The body gives us a roadmap for how to support the breasts.

The EB Core™ is patented technology that lifts and supports like no other wireless bra you've ever tried before.

The patented sling that made your underwire an antique.


Customers often ask us “how is this lift possible in a wirefree bra?” The answer is clear: the patented EB Core™.  We spent years researching and developing the perfect underwire alternative, setting Evelyn & Bobbie bras apart from any other wirefree on the market. On the inside of your bra, you’ll see “EB Core™” printed in the underbust area, highlighting our fully patented 3D “sling”. It’s a carefully engineered “shelf” that lifts and separates from below. 

The EB Core™ connects to a network of bonded structures, contiguous throughout the garment, and ergonomically placed, to work with the natural physiology and anatomy of your body. For example, our straps have internal bonding structures that connect throughout the garment to ensure that the weight of your bust sits perfectly on your shoulder-clavicle joint, not over the delicate trapezius muscle. That’s why you’ll never have deep indentations in your shoulders like you used to have with other bras. You’ll notice that our bras make you feel lighter even after hours and hours of wear, unlike sports bras and other wirefree bras that leave your neck and shoulders tense and sore after just a few hours. 

When it comes to fit testing, we “put on our lab coats”. Designs are adjusted size by size to provide the perfect level of support based on the load range for your specific body. Think about it – a 2XL needs more support than a Small! Supporting 15lbs of breast tissue is different from supporting 3lbs of breast tissue. We make those tiny adjustments, testing on a multitude of bodies of different shapes and sizes and doing extensive wear tests… until each size is just right

Seamless. Smoothing. Stretch.

feels like nothing at all

Super soft fabric and one-of-a-kind laminated seams mean no cutting, no rolling, no lumps. So comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

Nude is not one color

True Complexion® Nudes

We scanned hundreds of skin tones to bring you our scientifically designed True Complexion® palette.
Put it on and watch it disappear – even under white.

Our Inclusivity Promise

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Skin tone bras and underwear diversity
Pantone skin scanner

Designed with you in mind

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