We believe in bras and underwear for real people. And all people.

You probably already know that men have been the primary decision-makers in the intimates industry for decades. It's only just begun to change.

The latent message in our industry is "Shhh! It doesn't matter if you're chafed or stabbed or if your neck and shoulders are in pain all day. "This bra isn't for you, it's for him."

By selecting a bra that puts your comfort and support before your appearance, you are participating in a revolution.

We exist to change the culture, by saying "having boobs does not have to be a lifetime sentence of daily pain and discomfort. A comfortable day is a powerful day.

We know that the average American woman wears a size 14 or larger, and she is severely underserved when it comes to apparel. Especially intimates. We exist to serve her, and you, whoever you are.

We promise you that every style we produce will fit up to a size 24 at least.

Nude is not one color. Other companies would have you believe that "nude" means 1 shade of beige that is nobody's actual skin tone. Women of color have never before had access to intimates that truly disappear under clothing – intimates in their actual skin color.

We promise that we will continue serving a full spectrum of skin tones, both through our True Complexion™ Palette and fashion colors that act as tonal nudes – disappearing under white.

Innovation takes time, so this process won’t happen overnight. We want to show up for you in the right ways, with beautiful products that really fit, and really do the job.

Most companies are not aligned with our approach to inclusivity, and that’s simply because making a full spectrum of sizes and colors for a variety of bodies is much harder. There are many more little steps required to make a great fit for a particular body type, and testing colors on a variety of skin tones. We choose the harder path: testing product on hundreds of real customers to ensure we are meeting the needs of as many bra-wearers as possible.

You have boobs. We have boobs. We know what to do.

One of the things that makes us significantly different than other companies is that we work with our customers every day. By listening to and working alongside customers like YOU, we have been able to develop truly innovative products that actually do the job.

With the help of our customers, we are paving a new, bolder path. Our fearlessness sets us apart: we are taking on the biggest challenge in the intimates space today, doing what other companies cannot. We pioneer new engineering methodologies to support a wider range of bodies and heavier bust loads.

As a startup, we know that the path ahead is rocky and steep, and we will make mistakes. But we know with the support of our customers we will make some incredible progress.

By removing the discomfort and pain that comes with shopping for, and wearing bras, we hope you can forget about what you're wearing, and focus on the important things you do every day.

Let's change the culture together. One bra at a time.

If you want to join the community of customers that help guide our design decisions, please sign up to receive our emails. We send out surveys regularly, and use the results to influence future products.

This is one of the rare places that outspoken women are celebrated, rather than scorned.



Karina Polenske
Design Manager, size 16