Founded with heart
Meet Bree

As the founder of Evelyn & Bobbie, I named my business after my two matriarchs. I started this business driven by a few things I hold as true:

  • Female entrepreneurship matters.
  • Letting go of old ways of doing things allows us to solve problems in fresh ways.
  • We all have the power to become the change that we want to see in the world.
Bree McKeen of Evelyn & Bobbie

I am a woman, an entrepreneur, a daughter, and a mom. I started this brand first and foremost as a human being. I believed from the beginning that I could build something meaningful for my family, while leaving a quiet, positive mark on the world. I believed that I could build a brand that was a symbol of strength.

It was from that place that I launched EB in 2015, with inclusivity in our DNA.

Over the last several years, we have pioneered new bra and underwear engineering techniques, while painstakingly fitting each new product on the widest possible range of shapes and sizes before calling it good. (No, turns out that’s not the norm.) We were the very first bra brand in the world to launch inclusive nude tones. We engineered and sized our product totally differently in order to serve dynamic natural bodies as they are, in all their glory.

Now, in 2022, it is with total delight that I can say: I see beauty and inclusivity standards actively changing all around us. Bodies of all shapes, sizes and shades are in ads everywhere. Young people are growing up with discourse about inclusion. We are learning that we are the creators of our own belief systems, and that we must decide for ourselves what and who is beautiful. First and foremost, love thyself.

Our brand motto has never meant more: Stand Tall and Lead From the Heart.

For the team at EB who work hard to build this business every day, this is about something much bigger than a bra. We are here to be part of creating a better world, where the uniqueness of human beings is seen and valued. We honor the diverse women who came before us to help make us who we are, and we take a proactive role in shaping the belief systems that our nieces and daughters will grow up with. And it stands to mention that while we focus on and celebrate women, women aren’t the only ones that love EB products.

If you need a supportive bra, we are here for you. Whoever you are, regardless of your age, race, body, ability, or battle scars, let’s see your light shine.

Our work in inclusivity is neither perfect, nor complete. Far from it. (Smaller than C-cup ladies, we hear you. Bigger than 3X ladies, we hear you, too.) But we are here, we care, and we are doing our damnedest every day. I promise to keep this company with our eyes on the horizon, and remember every day to:

Stand tall and lead from the heart.™


Bree McKeen
CEO & Founder