For people with boobs.
By people with boobs.

"We exist to participate in the advancement of our industry and culture. Taking your comfort back is of historical significance. Beauty doesn't exist without purpose."


Stand tall and lead from the heart. ™

Grounded in real women

meet our matriarchs

We work every day to honor the women that came before us so we can make possible the dreams of our daughters tomorrow.

Let us introduce you to our namesakes and matriarchs:

Evelyn and Bobbie.


Our founder's Maternal Grandmother, was a model & starlet. She moved to New York in the 30's at age 16, destined to follow her dreams.

Innately elegant, Evelyn celebrated art and design. During an important period of social progress in American history, she remained intellectually curious and boldly outspoken.

She personified the modern woman who values herself enough to invest in quality design.


Aunt Bobbie was always ready to take on big challenges. The first to jump in and roll up her sleeves with a smile, she was outgoing, fun-loving, and infinitely curious.

Bobbie was a voracious reader, world traveler, and successful business woman. She expressed herself via her avant-garde personal style through her self-designed wardrobe.

She often said: “If what you're doing isn’t working, try something new.”

Our Logo

Our logo is a visual representation of how beauty and purpose are inextricably linked. We exist to amplify your beauty by providing you products that you can forget about – products that don't get in the way, so you can live your purpose.

It symbolizes the infinite possibilities of creation: there are more solutions than problems. We aspire to achieve innovation that feels like magic. To create the most comfortable, inclusive, and innovative intimates in the world.