Our Story

About Evelyn & Bobbie

Evelyn & Bobbie looks at the products designed for women and demands better. As a bra startup, we reject outdated assumptions in order to create beautiful, functional, and premium products and experiences.

"Evelyn & Bobbie were my two matriarchs. Evelyn was a starlet and a model, and Bobbie an entrepreneur, world traveler, and seamstress. I named my company after two real women who represent the union of Beauty and Purpose; Evelyn symbolizes grace and poise, and Bobbie symbolizes creativity and hard work. At Evelyn & Bobbie we are committed to creating beautiful, purposeful products that make your life better."

- Bree McKeen, Founder

Frustrated by decades of discomfort, and puzzled by the lack of innovation in intimate apparel, Bree McKeen (left) founded Evelyn & Bobbie to make smart, functional products that do the job. Stephanie Muhlenfeld (right), a 15-year industry veteran, leads Evelyn & Bobbie's product team, bringing her expertise to make the future of intimates a reality.

Evelyn & Bobbie is a team of engineers, designers and problem solvers. Rooted in technology and the celebration of the natural form, our women-led bra company exists to deliver solutions for your real life. We are based in Portland, Oregon—a hub for groundbreaking performance apparel design.