Lovely Lift. Wire-Free.

We've created a bra that provides relief from wire and strap pain. You’ll feel the difference throughout your day.

Everyday Bustier

It's True

The Everyday Bustier may be the bra you've been looking for... but it also may not be.

Core Support

The Everyday Bustier bra has a three-dimensional support component called the EB Core, which is shaped like your ribs. It is flexible and molds to your body as you wear it. The EB Core lifts from below your bust allowing you to carry weight on your core and not your delicate neck and shoulders muscles, making straps optional.

Smooth Back Band

With a virtually seamless back band, the Everyday Bustier bra feels soft on your skin without rubbing or itching. The smoothing back band compliments your curves while being invisible under clothing. The wide back band and patented body wrapping structure evenly hugs your body while stretching with you as you breath so that you feel comfortable all day.

Front Closure

Our unique front closure will keep you secure throughout the day and will not open unless you want it to. The pin closure slides into the barrel and clicks closed letting you know it is fastened. Designed in a brushed rose gold color, it is like a beautiful piece of jewelry for your Everyday Bustier bra.