The Evelyn & Bobbie Difference: How Our Bras Fit Better

A few weeks ago, our talented design team ran several focus groups to get customer feedback on new products in development. We ended up talking in detail about how we design, and our customer participants reminded us that we need to share more about how truly unique-in-all-the-world our design methodology is. So we decided to write about it this week!

We are the geekiest bra designers in the world.

Everyone on the EB product team is obsessed with fit. We design each size individually and test on real bodies, obsessively.  There is nothing more rewarding than making a tiny adjustment to the hidden inside layer of the back of your bra–of one eighth of an inch–and seeing how it favorably shifts the overall balance of the bra in the right direction.

Tailoring the Defy Bra Range

We don’t just make one Defy bra. We make six very different Defy bras. Because fifteen pounds of boobs needs different support than three pounds of boobs, so a small bra needs to do a much different job than a 3XL. We build in additional layers in our larger sizes to prevent garments from over-stretching and losing support. 

Experience Custom Fit with Easy Sizing

Our easy sizing is possible because the stretch tech means it’s actually a custom fit. 

Your first wear of an EB bra is like breaking in a new pair of leather shoes. It warms up and molds to your exact shape, ensuring a better long-term fit. Our fabric makes EB bras comfy, smooth and easy to wear. You might even find that you wear different sizes for different occasions. For example, Karina wears a Medium under fitted tops, but a Large when lounging at home, or under something oversized. 

Breaking Industry Norms with Diverse Fit Models

Most apparel companies are seeing a product on a single “fit model” during development. Yes, you read that right: they try a bra on one person before it goes to market. They usually fit on a size medium (or a 34C), and then make even measurement changes (it’s called a “grade”) to make smaller and larger sizes. This industry standard has never made much sense to us. No wonder bra sizing sucks. 

Multiple Rounds of Fittings and Wear-Tests

At EB, We fit on multiple bodies, in every size, in many rounds of fittings. We also perform multiple “Wear-Tests” where models take styles home to wash, wear, and put our products to the test to ensure they stand up to real-life scenarios. All of this means that while most companies see products on one body, we see styles on up to 60 users before production

Customer-Driven Innovation

Some of our best ideas come from talking to YOU.

We believe in going right to the source to figure out what customers like YOU want, before making any decisions. We do this through frequent surveys, fittings, and virtual focus groups. 

Data-Driven Sizing Charts

We have tens of thousands of data points! Follow each specific size chart (by style). 

Each of our bras have been specifically designed for different functions. This means the size charts might look a little bit different. Always reference the size chart before trying a new style! 

Embracing Iterative Design for Continuous Improvement

Iterative design means we are constantly improving existing styles

We are constantly reviewing and improving our existing products (and size charts) to make sure we are learning forward every time we get new data. You might notice micro-changes to your bras over time, as we learn about how to make them better.

Discover the Unmatched Comfort of EB Bras

So in sum… if you put on your EB bra and think it’s a coincidence that it’s the most comfortable and most supportive… It's not a coincidence. If you feel like you’re standing straighter and your heart is more lifted–that’s a feeling we lose sleep to achieve.

We believe that your body is perfect, and it’s bras that need to change. So we exist to be that change.

With love,

Bree (Founder) and Karina (Senior Designer)

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