Wear-Testing Process

We, the product team at Evelyn & Bobbie, strive to be inclusive. Our team does not take this promise lightly. How do we make sure we are delivering democratic products? It starts with rigorously testing our products at key points during development. 

Wear Testing Bras the Evelyn & Bobbie way

Our wear-testing process sets us apart from other bra brands. Traditionally, in the apparel industry, the product team will fit in one size, called the base size, and then grade proportionally up and down to get the rest of the sizes.  This usually means they have not seen the other sizes on real bodies before they go into production. Their size XL may have been determined by math, rather than a real body.

We do not rest on industry tradition here at Evelyn & Bobbie! We will see different iterations of one style at least 9 times before we approve to production and we will wear-test ALL sizes twice! Every size will be seen on and wear-tested by no less than 4 different people in each round.  We aim to see each individual size, on someone on the shorter end, taller end, smaller cup capacity, and larger cup capacity to ensure we are covering the spectrum of bodies who will experience that size.

Our wear-testing process is thorough and meticulous. For each size from XS to 3XL, we involve at least 28 individuals who wear the bra and provide us with valuable feedback. We take at least 13 measurements on their bodies while wearing the bra, resulting in over 364 data points that guide us in making necessary revisions. During the two-week wear-testing period, our testers treat the bras like any new purchase. They test them with various necklines, silhouettes, and degrees of movement. They also wash and dry the bras to assess their durability and retention. At the end of the two weeks, we collect their feedback, paying close attention to any points of irritation. All of this information allows us to make the best revisions for a truly democratic fit, ensuring that our bras cater to a wide range of body types and needs.

A love note to our wear-testers

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable contributions. Your time, insight, and dedication to our wear-testing process are truly appreciated. Moreover, we want to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity you bring to our wear-testing program. By representing a wide range of body types, sizes, ethnicities, and abilities, you contribute to the inclusivity and authenticity of our products. Your unique perspectives and lived experiences have helped us design bras that truly embrace and celebrate the beauty of all bodies. Thanks to your involvement, we can create exceptional, inclusive, and democratic bras. We are incredibly grateful for your support and look forward to continuing this journey together.

With love and appreciation on behalf of the Evelyn & Bobbie Product Team,

Antoinette Phonharath

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