Our Inclusive Sizing Commitment

We’ve heard that you love the second size in our retro bikini. We’ve heard you say it’s not enough. You’ve told us that 1 style does not make a size inclusive company, and we agree.

Customer Feedback: The Catalyst for Change

We love our customers. You make us who we are with your endless support, love and feedback in our design process. We know that the average American woman wears a size 14 or larger, and she is severely underserved when it comes to apparel. Especially intimates. We exist to serve her, and you, whoever you are.

Our Pledge: Extending Our Size Range

Today we are committing to you that every style we produce will fit up to a size 24 at least.

Innovation takes time, so this process won’t happen overnight. We want to show up for you in the right ways, with beautiful products that really fit. We already have some products in the pipeline that we know you are going to love. They will be launching later this year.

Industry Challenges: The Road to Inclusivity

Most companies are not aligned with our approach to size-inclusivity, and that’s simply because making a full spectrum of sizes for a variety of body types is much harder. There are many many more little steps required to make a great fit for a particular body type. We choose the harder path: fitting every size on a variety of bodies to ensure we are meeting the needs of as many women as possible.

As a startup, we know that the path ahead is rocky and steep, and we will make mistakes. But we know with the support of our Customers we will make some incredible progress.

Help Shape the Future of Fashion

If you want to join the community of Customers that help guide our design decisions, please sign up to receive our emails. We send out surveys regularly, and use the results to influence future products.


Karina Polenske
Product Developer, size 16

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