How do you choose the right size?

 There are a few things you’ll want to know about fit when you order your new Defy Bra. And it’s good news – we’ve been working hard to make your life easier.
We get it. When it comes to buying a new bra, getting the right size can feel like a labyrinth.

Simplified Sizing: From S to 3XL

At EB, we’ve spent the last 18 months thinking about how to make the Defy Bra easier to shop for and easier to wear. That’s why we’ve kept our sizing super simple. XS – 3XL.
[If you haven’t read our Product Lead, Karina’s cute take on a fresh approach to this sizing, check it out here.]
Each size is designed to flex to a wide range of shapes and sizes. And there’s a good amount of overlap across sizes, too. That means you’re likely to find more than one size that works for you.

I’ll use myself as an example. If I want a little extra lift and décolleté, I go with size Medium (M). On Bar Method days I prefer size Medium (M) for a snugger fit, and more high-intensity support. If I’m walking to work or traveling and want a little more relaxed fit, I prefer the Large (L). But really, both sizes work great. Both sizes are pain-free. Both sizes are seamless and smoothing. Both sizes keep my posture feeling tall and lifted.

 Our Technology: A Bra that Grows with You

The point is, our amazing fiber and stretch technology is all about flexibility. If you've gained 10 pounds with all those crazy deadlines you’ve been up against, relax. Your Defy Bra is going to flex with you. And if you’ve been kicking your fitness into high-gear and dropped 10 pounds, awesome! You still don’t need to buy a new bra.
Finally, a bra that’s dynamic. Just like you.

Our amazing fabric was made especially for our unique design, with a leading-edge 3D micro-fiber construction. The result is a silky soft fabric with serious resilience that molds to your body during the first couple of times you wear it. So, it’s ok if your bra is tight at first. Give it a chance. If you still want a different size after a few days of putting it to the test, we promise to make that happen for you. Don’t forget about that 60-day guarantee.

Choosing Your Size: Try More, Find What You Love

Not sure which size is best? Order more than one size! You might find you love and wear them both.
As a final note, I want to say that I realize for some of you, the XS will still be too big. And for many more, the XXL will still be too small. We are focused on the customer who can’t comfortably go braless. And we take inclusivity seriously. We believe in it, in our bones. We know that 68% of US women are a size 14 or larger, and we are working hard to continue to grow our size offering even larger in the future.

We see you out there with your beauty shining from the inside out, and we won’t stop until we are the only place you shop for a bra that you love. Shop now.

From the heart,
Bree McKeen


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