Why Wireless Bras Are a Win for Breast Health


If you’re like many women, you’ve probably spent most of your life thinking that a bra needs an underwire to offer adequate support and keep your breasts healthy, but this simply isn’t true. Well designed wire-free bras are actually the best bras for breast health for several reasons.

At Evelyn & Bobbie, we’re proudly changing the narrative around what it means for a bra to be a good choice for optimal breast health. Here’s a closer look at what you need to know about why wireless support bras are the way to go when it comes to comfort, style, and breast support.

Are Wireless Bras Better for Breast Health?

Yes. The right wireless bras can be better for breast health for many reasons.

Underwire designs have been the industry go-to for as long as anyone can remember, especially for well-endowed and full-figured women. However, the patent for underwire technology also dates all the way back to 1893 – well over a century ago – so we’re overdue for a change.

Supportive wire-free bras (including patented Evelyn and Bobbie bras) provide that change.

  • Thongs are the most efficient option to reach for when you don’t want to risk ruining your outfit with visible panty lines.
  • Thongs are terrific solutions for women who prefer a “barely there” approach to underwear.
  • Thongs can be elegant, feminine, and distinctive ways to add some pop to your lingerie collection.
  • Poor fit, due to issues related to band size, cup size, and improper fittings
  • Inadequate support, especially in wire-free options
  • Health issues related to chronic pain and bra-related shoulder strain

Better blood flow

Underwires can be rigid and restrictive, which isn’t the healthiest support option for sensitive breast tissue. Wires can dig into your ribs, restrict circulation, and impede proper lymphatic flow. Naturally, this can be painful and unhealthy for anyone but it’s especially so for women with chronic circulation issues or who are recovering from surgery.

No-wire bras like the ones you’ll find in our collection don’t cause any of those issues. Instead, Evelyn and Bobbie bras replace restrictive underwires with supportive patented EB Core® technology – no pinching, poking, or painful restriction involved.

Check out Mischel’s Evelyn & Bobbie customer story for a closer look at how transformative the right bra can be. Multiple open-heart surgeries made it nearly impossible for her to find appropriate support, and our EB bras made the difference she needed in her life.

Improved posture

Restrictive, uncomfortable clothing (including underwire bras) can interfere with the human body’s natural way of moving, carrying its own weight, or simply taking up space in the world. You naturally compensate for the discomfort in ways that aren’t good for your body or your health.

However, supportive, comfortable bras from Evelyn & Bobbie are ergonomically designed to work with your body, not against it. They’re even chiropractor-approved!

In addition to underwire-replacing EB Core® support, our bra designs effectively place the burden of support where it belongs – at the band, not the straps. Our straps are also wider and designed to transfer breast weight from your trapezius muscles to your shoulder joints where it belongs.

Natural wear experience

So much about the outmoded bra designs that still dominate the market still operate on the notion that a woman’s natural breasts must be fully restricted and controlled, which doesn’t leave much room for comfort or a proper fit. This leaves many women feeling that their bodies are the problem when it’s actually their bra.

Women's wireless bras like the ones you’ll find at Evelyn & Bobbie turn this mindset on its head. Your body – whatever its size, shape, or age – is perfect just as it is. It shouldn’t be forced to fit into your bra. Instead, your bra should be designed to fit you, comfortably and perfectly.

Evelyn & Bobbie bras aren’t just wireless. They’re also made from innovative four-way stretch fabric that customizes itself to fit your unique body over your first few wear sessions. You can finally enjoy the superior support and comfort you crave and deserve.

Is It Better to Wear a Non-Wired Bra?

All Color: Champagne Ginkgo | seamless underwear

Yes. When it comes to both health and comfort, wire-free bras are absolutely the way to go, even if you have a fuller figure to think about. But don’t simply assume all women's wireless bras are the same. It’s crucial to choose the right options.

  • Evelyn & Bobbie thongs are made of our signature super-soft fabric with four-way stretch and double-layered bonding. It fits you like a second skin, dries quickly, and is so lightweight, you’ll eventually forget it’s even there.
  • Our thongs fit you completely seamlessly, so they’ll definitely deliver that barely-there experience you’re after.
  • Rock your High-Waisted Thong in your choice of an impressive range of True Complexion fabric tones, the better to help it disappear under even light-colored fabrics.
  • Our High-Waisted Thong is designed to anchor securely and fit you more naturally than other thongs. No riding up, and no discomfort.
  • Inadequate support, especially in wire-free options
  • Health issues related to chronic pain and bra-related shoulder strain
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Did you know that women hold only 12 percent of today’s patents? Our founder Bree McKeen actually holds six of them, including those related to Evelyn & Bobbie’s patented EB Core support system.

EB Core technology doesn’t just take uncomfortable underwires out of the equation. It replaces them to offer women of every size, including well-endowed women, unbeatable support that also prioritizes comfort.

Comfort-forward designs

Evelyn & Bobbie bras are wonderfully stretchy from band to cup, as well as specially designed to flex and stretch where you need it most. This allows the bra to mold and adjust itself to fit your unique body over the first couple of wear sessions for an incredible customized fit.

Plus, straps are set wider over the shoulder to redistribute the weight of heavier breasts from delicate muscle tissue to the shoulder joint where it should be. That means no more chronic back pain and no more discomfort.

So, if you’re looking for the best wireless bra for a large bust, look no further than our extensive catalog of innovative options. Shop Evelyn & Bobbie’s bra collection today, and get ready to fall madly in love with your perfect fit!

Choose the right styles

There’s a reason Evelyn & Bobbie’s catalog doesn’t contain a racer-back option. Racer-back designs are popular market options for teens and active women. But they don’t properly distribute the weight of your breasts and can eventually lead to back, pain, and posture issues.

When you put weight on your trapezius muscle, it causes the muscle to shorten, which then causes you to raise your shoulders and hunch your back. This hunched posture can lead to long-term posture problems and chronic back pain. Evelyn & Bobbie's bra designs are engineered to provide full support and weight distribution, preventing these common issues associated with racer-back styles.

EB bras are ergonomic options that fully support ongoing breast health, good posture, and superior comfort. Evelyn & Bobbie is also an inclusive company, so our bras are appropriate for many sizes, body types, and ages, teenagers included.

Our Defy Bra and Evelyn Bra models feature an X-shaped criss-cross construction that’s extra supportive of good posture, so be sure to check them out.

Reframe how you view support

Evelyn and Bobbie bras are proof positive that a bra doesn’t have to be restrictive, binding, or full of uncomfortable components to support you. You can experience the best support of your life while remaining comfortable and enjoying a full range of motion when you know where to look for it, and Evelyn & Bobbie has you covered.

Ready to experience an entirely new way to take care of your breast health while enjoying incredible comfort, support, and style? Shop our collection of wire-free bras today, and prepare to be amazed.