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Dr. Lori is a chiropractor at Hart Spine and Rehab in Montgomery, Alabama whose patients range from newborns to centenarians. She is also the host of "Every Body's" Podcast where she shares her knowledge and insight on chiropractor approved products, ergonomics, and health concerns.

Listen to her latest episode featuring our Founder and CEO, Bree McKeen! 

"I really pride myself on giving all of my patients the time, effort and energy that they need when they come to see me. I know that every body is different and I treat each patient accordingly."
I became a chiropractor because I had horrible headaches in college. I later found out that they were partially due to having larger breasts with poor bra support. I treat women daily with the same issues; one of the first things I look at is the bra she's wearing. Most women that I see, in practice, have never been properly measured for a bra and/or wear bras with horribly uncomfortable underwires and straps that dig in and bruise. 

I started doing research and found Evelyn & Bobbie. I was so intrigued that I reached out to Bree and completely related to her inspiration for the brand. Once I received my first order, I knew right away that EB was a different kind of bra. When I tried them on, they were actually comfortable AND flattering AND supportive!  

From a chiropractic standpoint, Evelyn & Bobbie does it right!

By having the brunt of support on the bony structures of the shoulder girdle, EB bras provide an even distribution of the weight of breast tissue across a strong structure rather than on the soft tissue around the neck. This decreases the neck strain and forward head carriage that can lead to headaches, numbness and tingling down the arms into the hands.

The absence of underwires digging into the ribcage coupled with the stretch and breathability of E&B garments encourage proper biomechanics of the thoracic spine by decreasing anterior rounding of the shoulders and by encouraging proper movement of the ribcage, and chest muscles, decreasing mid back strain.

These important design features from Evelyn & Bobbie have redefined the form and function of undergarments. We can stand, chest forward, shoulders down, ears and shoulders aligned without standing in pain. (At EB we call this "standing tall and leading from the heart!")

Evelyn & Bobbie bras and tanks have been game changers for my patients and me. 


We can be comfortable, supported and still feel sexy. I've recommended them to all of my patients, women I see in grocery stores, anyone that will listen. Absolutely chiropractor approved!


"I live in Smoothing Camis and Defy bras, and have a couple of each color. I love how undetectable they are."

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