A Real Customer Story: 

How Evelyn & Bobbie Bras Transformed My Life After Three Open Heart Surgeries


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Dearest Evelyn & Bobbie, 

I wanted to personally send you my heartfelt THANK YOU for developing your EB Bras! For me, your bras have been a GAME CHANGER! I will warn you in advance, this letter may be long, but I promise you it will be worth the read. 

I have been on the hunt for the perfect bra literally since I was in my early 20's. I always settled for whatever bra I found but was never happy or comfortable in any of my purchases. My search for the best bra kicked into high gear in the summer of 2001, after my first Open Heart Surgery at age 38. I spent literally hundreds of dollars, spent multiple hours trying bras on, and spent tons of money on shipping returns because nothing worked. It became a full-time job just trying to find a bra for me. My daughter, mother-in-law & best friends became my teammates in this endeavor, sadly with no success. Year after year my quest would continue to find the Perfect Bra. 

After having heart surgery I was left with scar tissue down the center of my chest and under my breasts from the chest tubes. This just added to me having more discomfort, unfortunately. 

I would find out in 2002, that my First Heart surgery failed. I needed a second emergent Open Heart Surgery just one year later. Again, after surgery... I was on the hunt for a comfortable bra, sadly without success. Again, I settled for bras that pinched me, dug into my shoulders, or crawled up my back! I had wires that caused black & blue marks, friction burns, and rashes. No bra ever gave me the support and comfort that I longed for. 

I never stopped searching for a bra that might offer any comfort because as time went on the more uncomfortable I became. I bought every bra you can imagine. Year after year, with no success. Time after time the result was the same. No Bra on planet Earth existed that would meet my needs!  

In 2011, I nearly died needing a third open heart surgery to save my life! 


My doctors were treating me for ANXIETY when in fact, I needed OPEN HEART SURGERY! I was dismissed by several doctors, for over a decade. My own Advocacy and my refusal to leave the ER that day saved my life.

Two months after my life-saving 3rd Open Heart Surgery, I saw A Genetic Specialist who diagnosed me with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome Type 3. It is a Genetic Connective Tissue Disease that goes grossly under-diagnosed. 

EDS'ers are born with a mutated Collagen Gene making our tissues weaker than normal. Collagen is the GLUE, that holds us together, it gives strength to our tissues, organs, muscles, and bones to help to protect us!  Often times people are diagnosed with something called Fibromyalgia when they are in their 20's & 30's as I was. Later in life, EDS (Ehlers-Danols syndrome) rears its ugly head in the 4th & 5th decades of life because as we age we lose Collagen. This loss of collagen affects our tissues, and organs, especially the heart!

Heart Disease affects one in three people, before I found EB, there were absolutely no bras made for the many women facing heart disease/heart surgery.

I had reached out to other bra brands about this very thing as there is an entire demographic of women who desire and desperately need a bra like YOURS! Other brands never followed up with me and sadly had no interest.

After THREE Open Heart Surgeries, my quest to find a better bra became so much more important to me.   

I share all of this info with you for several reasons ~ First and foremost because YOUR BRA... HIT IT OUT OF THE BALL PARK on sooooo many levels.

It checks all the boxes for the PERFECT BRA.

More importantly, I can see how EB bras can help to improve the lives of so many women.

It can help those with Fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Women after Lung surgery, and many women after heart surgery!!! Trust me when I tell you there is nothing else out there to meet the needs of the many women with those conditions, I am an Advocate and Speaker, Patients reach out to me often asking me for help... Until now, I had nothing to offer them.  

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I stumbled on a QVC video of your bra presentation and watched it 3 times!  I was moved by you in the QVC video and had to know more about your product!

I had little hope that your bra would be any different than the hundreds of bras I have tried over the past two decades. 

I began googling and reading reviews.

There was something about YOU, your passion for making this bra, and the many patents it carries that caught my attention.

I went to your website, placed an order, and waited like a kid on Christmas Eve for my package to arrive.

When the package came, I opened it and inspected the Bra front and back! I thought, how can a bra so light offer any support? I tried the bra on and just as you said in the video, it felt too tight! I kept wearing the Bra for the next 3 days!!!!! And guess what??? 

By the third day, it was as if that BRA was custom-made for

Guess what I also noticed??? I noticed that the bra wasn't pinching, rubbing, or digging into me. I no longer had any rashes or bruises, and I hadn't taken any medicine for pain in those 3 days!!!

Over the next few days, my family and I noticed that I seemed to have more energy which I believe comes from the fact that I had less pain in my neck and back.

When I tell you that THIS BRA IS A GAME CHANGER, on so many levels for me, I am not kidding! By the third day, I got a little choked up. Had I found the perfect bra??? Could this really be true??? After all these years, and all of those Bras??? Could this be the one??? heck yeah, it is!!! My search is over! Lord have mercy, My search was over. 

Evelyn & Bobbie THANK YOU!!! Along with my Heart Surgeon... YOU ARE NOW MY HERO too!

THANK YOU for making a bra that keeps its promises.

Thank you for every effort and every detail that you put into making this life-changing, game-changing BRA! You can not begin to imagine how this BRA has changed my life. Imagine being in some kind of discomfort most of your adult life. Imagine that discomfort getting worse after heart surgery and with a Genetic Disorder Diagnosis. Imagine being so grateful that your life was saved and still struggling with daily pain that robs you of your joy!

Your Beautiful Bra changed all of that for me! THANK YOU!

I am living a joyful life, free of pain induced by crappy bras! That is a gift and a blessing, and I have you and your team to thank for that! With my whole heart, I deeply thank you!

I am now and always will be your biggest fan!!!I even had a T-shirt made with your logo. God bless you in all things for all time!

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