The Bra Industry is Broken - EB is Different

 When I first started working on my bra patent, I didn’t know anything about how bras were traditionally made. I was in the garage with my dad, cutting and molding silicon, thin plastic, and whatever else I could find in order to figure out how to rid my life of that damned underwire. 

Unveiling Industry Secrets

As I continued my research and started looking to hire “bra experts,” I was shocked at what I learned. 

Did you know that the vast majority of big bra companies use one--or maybe two--“fit models” to size their bras!? They start in a “base size,” usually 34B, and then they use a standard “grade” (standard increments, like half-an-inch) to size them up. 

Ahhhh… if only human bodies were that simple.

EB’s Revolutionary Approach: Real Bodies, Real Solutions

At EB, we have 3D scanned, measured, studied, and had deep conversations with thousands of women. We know that what works for a 34B does not work for a 38G. One bra needs to support, say, two pounds of breast tissue, and the other needs to support upwards of fifteen pounds. That takes engineering. You have to think critically and test on hundreds of bodies until you get it right. 

Embracing Change: The Courage to Innovate

We believe in leaving outdated ideas in the past. The underwire has persisted for 91 years. What other products can you name that haven’t changed in almost 100 years? The underwire is, always has been, a terrible idea. With thought, care, and innovation, a better path can be forged. 

But pioneering new ways takes guts.

So throw out your old bras. And throw out the old, archaic ideas that are behind their creation. Make a choice for comfort, everyday. Because the less distracted you are by sore shoulders or a digging underwire, the more you can think about your life, your future, and the bold ideas in your own life that you want to foster.

My dream was a better bra. Now I wear it everyday. 

What’s your dream?



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