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At Evelyn & Bobbie we believe strongly in women supporting women.  We were lucky enough to support Niko and Asia in making their Pacific Crest Trail dreams a reality, and they supported EB by making a breathtaking video that embodies our brand values. AND, they wore EB Knickers the entire time! If you haven't already seen the video, check it out here.

We had some questions for them on their process, the trip, and their friendship. Read on for their answers!

Q. How did you both meet?
A. Niko and I met 6 years ago in Los Angeles. We used to work together at a restaurant.

Q. Where are each of you from?
A. I (Asia) am from a small town Czestochowa in Poland. Niko is from Prague, Czech Republic.

Q. What were your previous jobs?
A:  I (Asia) have been working as a photographer and videographer for couple of years now. Niko has been writing music and singing since she was a teenager. We both worked as bartenders on the side, but decided to quit our jobs and hike the Pacific Crest Trail. We recently moved in together in a house away from the city, built out an office and started a video production company–Grounded Production.

Q. Why the Pacific Coast Trail?
A. It was Niko's idea. It seemed like the most liberating thing to do, and when you live in a city like Los Angeles, it gets to you. She was craving life in nature, challenge, and to get away from people. It takes courage to make that choice and leave everything behind, so she asked me to join her on that journey.

Q. What was your most magical experience during the trip?
A. There is more than one... Falling asleep together while looking at shooting stars from our tent every night. The stunning sunrise at 11,000 feet elevation, while camping at Mount Rainier National Park. Seeing the fall happening in front of our eyes in the North Cascades–truly breathtaking.

Q. What was something really unexpected about the trip?
A. The trail angels and trail magic. It was the kind gesture of few people that provided support to hikers in different sections on the trail. It's food, water, a place to shower, a ride or even their home. We will be forever grateful for it.

Q. What advice would you give others thinking about doing something like this?
A. Pack light. Take your time while hiking. Embrace all the emotions–you are there to face them.

Q. What’s next?
A. Niko and I (Asia) are planning on doing a Trans Catalina Trail in Catalina Island near Long Beach, California. It's a 40 mile trail around the island and we are going to celebrate my 29th birthday there. In the summer we will be back on PCT and plan to hike 250 miles on John Muir Trail in the Sierras. Always keep exploring...

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