500 miles. Three pairs of underwear.

Pacific Crest Trail. A story of friendship, resilience, and some damn good underwear!

You know that feeling, when you make eye contact with someone for the first time, and there’s a little spark of connection, of magic? That was the feeling I had when I met Niko for the first time. Her radiant smile and warm, melodic voice, asking us what she could bring us to drink.

Working away on our laptops, myself and a teammate were in LA for our Abbot Kinney pop-up, and Niko was our server at our favorite hotel. It was a quiet night, so there was time to talk.

As we chatted, I shared a little bit about EB, and that we were based in Portland, OR. Niko immediately shared a little bit about her dream to walk the Pacific Crest Trail. She was recently divorced, unhappy in her job, and longing for renewal.

“So, what’s stopping you from leaving? From quitting this job and heading down that trail?” I asked.

When women connect, magic happens, and that’s exactly what happened that night.

It was so obvious to me that something was in the works. So, I followed my gut and leaned in. It’s not easy to quit your job, leave your life behind, and head out on a fairly dangerous adventure. It takes guts, and it takes support.

Evelyn & Bobbie was lucky enough to partner with Niko, and her equally incredible bestie, Asia, on a beautiful collaboration. We are so excited to share with you the story of their journey. We supported Niko and Asia in making their Pacific Crest Trail dream a reality, and they supported EB by making a breathtaking video that embodies our brand values. And, they wore EB Knickers the entire time!

We are thrilled to share the results of this heartfelt collaboration. 500 miles. 63 days. Three pairs of underwear each.

Thank you to Niko and Asia for allowing the Evelyn & Bobbie community to share in your amazing journey. Thank you for the care, creativity, and dedication that it takes to schlep extra gear, line up beautiful shots, and document your experience to share with the world.

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From the heart,
Bree McKeen
CEO & Founder

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