Freedom from Underwire

Comfortable, supportive, future-forward, wirefree bras. That was my dream. And now I wear them every day.

A Reflection on Underwire's Legacy

But sometimes it’s important to remember where we’ve been in the past. Today I am taking a moment to reflect on the underwire. 

The other day, I was holding an underwire in my hand that I had cut out of an old-school bra for a photoshoot. Holding this wire in my hand, I was able to see it in two ways. First, as someone who used to wear underwire bras every day, it’s hard not to feel the resentment from years of stabs, jabs, and pressure. 

On the other hand, I could also see how it was a fairly “sleek” design in its time: a simple piece of wire, shaped like a U. This object in my hand was no-doubt a profound breakthrough when it was created in the 1930’s. Bras were being made by patterning and cutting 40+ pieces of two-dimensional fabric, then carefully stitching the pieces together on machines (or by hand!) to create three dimensional garments. This wire allowed bra makers to encapsulate the breasts in a new way. That must have been revolutionary. 

The Bra Evolution Towards Comfort and Support 

Today, much like the women of decades past, I want a bra that lifts, separates and makes me feel like a million bucks. But thankfully, some 90 years later, much has changed since the 1930’s. I also want my bra to be comfortable all day long. I want to know that it will not damage my nerves, work against good posture, constrict lymphatic flow, or stab me unexpectedly. I want to look great AND feel great.

The bras that we make here at Evelyn & Bobbie could not have been possible in the days that the underwire was invented. To make our bras we use highly technical machines that use complex 3D equations, lasers, and space-age bonding technology. The fabric is woven on machinery with more than 10,000 needles - all computer calibrated. 

The comfort, lift, separation, and overall simplicity of our bras is actually… not simple at all. 

Adapting to Modern Bra Technology

The world is changing fast – so fast it’s hard to keep up with at times. But when modern technology is applied to new ideas with a do-no-harm ethos, we can make things better than they ever have been

There comes a time when you have to let go of past technologies that no longer serve us. (Yes, I’m talking about those painful underwire bras in the bottom of your drawer.)

A Personal Transition to Wirefree Comfort

I’m so glad that I will never have to wear an underwire bra again. I used to put one on every now and then just to remind myself what Evelyn & Bobbie has been able to change in my own life, Now? I can’t even wear one for a few minutes. I’ve grown too accustomed to comfort. My daughters will grow up that way too. 

A Vision for Universal Comfort

My wish for you and for people with boobs everywhere, is that comfort becomes our norm. We exist to make comfort your daily default.  

At Evelyn & Bobbie, we are continuing to innovate so that we can eventually replace every other bra in your drawer.  What would you like to see from us next? 

With love,