19 hours. One bra.

Heading back from some exciting meetings in Philadelphia this past Monday, my flight was cancelled after 8 hours of waiting at the airport. I quickly rebooked a 6am flight on another airline the very next day (thank you Alaska Airlines for always being there to save the day!). It was 11pm by the time I got to my hotel. I took a quick shower and passed out. I woke up at 4:30am, threw on my Defy bra with a t-shirt, yoga pants, and Rothys, and dashed off to make my flight.

Shortly before landing, I traded in my yoga pants for a simple silk floral summer dress—still wearing my Defy Bra and Rothys shoes.  I landed at 9:30am and headed straight into my 10am meeting. Having been on the road, I knew a busy day was in store, catching up with the team. I headed out at 6pm, dropped my bag in my apartment, and went for a long walk on the river with my dog to decompress. 

Finally home for the night. I kicked off my Rothys, traded my dress in for some lounging clothes, and did a little a little yoga and stretching. Then it was snuggle time – a long awaited moment to lay back on the couch and take a breath.

And that’s when it hit me.  I’ve been wearing my Defy bra this entire day, and I haven’t thought about it once.  

In the Defy bra, I have found the one bra that truly suits my busy life. One low maintenance bra that’s comfortable morning until night. No pinching or itching to distract me. No underwire bra stashed in my purse so I’m ‘decent’ for my meeting. No extra time spent at home changing out of my underwire and into a sports bra before going on my walk. No need to tear off a binding sports bra before plopping down on the couch. Just one totally comfortable bra: light and lifted, all day. 

We mean it when we say, “people with boobs making bras for people with boobs”. We made this bra for ourselves. We made it for our girlfriends. We made it for our mothers.

We made it for you.


From the heart,
Bree McKeen

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