Your Bra Fitting Guide:
Solving 7 Common Issues

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If you’re like many women, you probably don’t enjoy much about wearing a bra. You may think of them as uncomfortable almost by definition, or you may simply associate yours with common complaints like back pain and painful poking underwires.

However, it’s time you knew that the experience of wearing a bra doesn’t have to be that way. Only a bad-fitting bra hurts to wear or leaves you feeling less than your very best.

Here we’ll go over everything you need to know to find the right fit for you and change the way you feel about wearing one forever – a bra fit guide you can count on to help you make common issues things of the past.

Why Is a Properly Fit Bra So Hard to Find?

Have you ever felt as if there’s no real consistency to sizing when it comes to bras? Do you wear a completely different size when shopping one brand than you do with another? It’s not your imagination.

Bra sizing doesn’t have to be complicated, but traditionally, it has been. The sizing system for both cups and bands isn’t standardized, so there’s no one universal bra fitting guide to go by. This is why the size that fits you best can fluctuate so drastically from brand to brand. It’s also why it can be so difficult to find bras that truly fit you the way they should.

Bra Fitting Guide to Common Problems:
How Evelyn & Bobbie Takes Them Out of the Equation

You should know that it doesn’t have to be that way. Well-fitting bras make a difference, and that’s what we’re all about at Evelyn & Bobbie – bras that make it easy to find a fit so accurate that it feels like it was custom-made just for you.

Here’s a quick-start bra fit guide to a few common issues that won’t even be in your vocabulary anymore once you slip into your first Evelyn & Bobbie bra.

1. Chronic pain issues

Traditional bras can quite literally leave you with a persistent pain in the neck, back, shoulders, or all of the above. But you need to know this is not normal or something you should simply accept.

Evelyn & Bobbie bras are designed to work with how the human body is built, not against it, taking pain out of the equation. For example, the band does the heavy lifting when it comes to support, not the straps.


2. Posture problems

Ill-fitting bras that overstress your shoulder muscles can easily lead to posture problems over time as your body tries to ease the discomfort by shifting and contorting. Think drooping shoulders, chronic slumping, and similar issues!

The superior design of an EB bra corrects this issue, making it easier to correct ongoing posture problems – chiropractor-approved bra innovation at its finest.

3. Digging bra straps

When a bra relies too heavily on the shoulder straps to provide the support you need, you’re uncomfortable all the time. You can also develop unsightly divots in your shoulder area that may not actually go away when you take your bra off.

An Evelyn & Bobbie bra not only corrects this by providing you with unbeatable wireless support but also by revamping straps to be wider and better positioned for optimal comfort.

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The EB answer to digging, poking, and migrating underwires is simple.

We’ve replaced them altogether with our patented wireless EB Core® approach to support, an innovative and effective alternative to outmoded, uncomfortable underwires.



Rising or too-tight back bands are another common fit issue most women simply accept as normal but shouldn’t. Digging bands that hurt or leave red marks is a sign that your band is too small, while a band that rides up means the band is too big.

But with an EB bra, you always have a perfect fit to look forward to, as each bra is designed to custom-mold to your unique body over time. Just be sure to give yours a full 3-day break-in period to complete this process.



Lumps, bumps, double-bubbles, and uni-boob aren’t features you simply have to accept when wearing a bra, either, as they’re also signs of a poor fit.

Our butter-soft four-way stretch fabric, smooth designs, and custom-fit technology mean you’ll never have to worry about them again.

All Color: Champagne Ginkgo | flexible band hook and eye wireless bra for large busts


A bad-fitting bra often doesn’t last the way that it should, either. Underwires come loose, straps lose their elasticity, and seams separate, among other issues.

But an EB bra is built to last on a level you have to experience to believe – an investment in your figure and ongoing comfort on every level.


How to Tell If a Bra Fits

It’s simple, really. A bra that fits you the way it should is comfortable on every level – so comfortable, that you eventually forget you’re wearing it at all. You’re not in any pain, you’re not constantly having to adjust it, and you don’t feel the need to rip it off the minute you get home at the end of your day.

So, how is a bra supposed to fit?

It can and should feel like it was made just for you, which is exactly the experience you can look forward to with Evelyn & Bobbie.

To find a bra that molds to your body and provides the support and comfort you deserve, check out our wireless bra collection. See how we are changing the industry one brazier at a time.