Women Who Inspire – Cassie de Pecol

Cassie De Pecol, Chief Explorer, Expedition 196

Countries visited: 196

What she learned while traveling: Cassie’s travel goal was to promote peace through sustainable tourism. (Read more about her travels here.)





Just a few years ago, Cassie had a feeling she was about to embark on something larger than herself. After saving up $10,000 from babysitting, she put together a budget for a very ambitious project: she was going to visit every country in the world—faster than anyone else (18 months and 26 days). Through her organization Expedition 196 Entrepreneur, De Pecol raised the funding for her massive travel plan, she found more than 20 sponsors (including Clif Bar and Eagle Creek), along with some free hotels and donations from followers. She boarded 255 flights, planted trees in at least 50 countries, and used five passports in the process.

She returned recently from her big trip, rested for a moment, and then set off for Antarctica, the last continent to conquer. She’s in the process of getting recognized by Guinness World Records.  She also filmed the entire journey and hopes to release her travels as a documentary. We look forward to seeing it.

Cassie inspired the Evelyn & Bobbie team to think back to the places we have visited and dream about the places we’ll go.  Read about our travel experiences below and share your’s with us on our social media pages.


Crea McKeen, Art Director, Evelyn & Bobbie

Countries visited: 8

Places on your dream list: Paris, Patagonia, Germany, New Zealand, Brazil

What she learned while traveling: “People are people wherever you go. There’s no ‘them.’ We are all ‘us’.”

Someone groundbreaking who inspires you: “I love THINX. They are making life better for women through their speak-up and speak-out loving attitude, daring, innovative products and heartfelt global outreach projects.”


Anna Christina Gray, Visual Designer, Evelyn & Bobbie

Countries visited: 5

Places on your dream list: Thailand, New Zealand, Spain, France, New York

What she learned while traveling: “There’s so much more to life than your own personal bubble and sense of comfort. Traveling teaches you that, and teaches you self-reliance.” 

Someone groundbreaking who inspires you: “All women are breaking ground these days—from athletes to career women. I’m inspired by girls who are refusing to kiss ass to get ahead and instead are being authentically unapologetic for who they are and what they bring to the table.”


Caitlin Fullam, Photography Intern, Evelyn & Bobbie

Countries visited: 17

Places on your dream list: Tokyo, Stockholm, Patagonia, Cambodia

What she learned while traveling: “Through traveling I’ve learned to carry a packet of tissues at all times and to not listen to what anyone says about street food: ENJOY IT.”

Someone groundbreaking who inspires you: Freya Dowson: humanitarian traveling photographer who documents ways of life around the world.”


Rose Fredericks, Executive Assistant, Evelyn & Bobbie

Countries visited: 13

Places on your dream list: Portugal, Denmark, Japan, Morocco, India 

What she learned while traveling: “I found my voice while traveling alone in Europe in my early twenties. Turns out, everyone speaks the same language.”

Someone groundbreaking who inspires you: “Serena Williams, Elizabeth Warren, Beyoncé.”


Kelsie Davis, Operations Associate, Evelyn & Bobbie

Countries visited: 14

Places on your dream list: Prague, Budapest, Venice, Fiji

What she learned while traveling: “Eat where the locals eat. That’s where you find the BEST food! While in Cabo a couple of years ago, we started up a conversation with some locals and asked them where they go for the best tacos. They told us their favorite taco spot and how to find it. They were even more amazing than they said. I still dream about those Baja Fish Tacos and look forward to going back... soon, I hope!”

Someone groundbreaking who inspires you: “I have a crush on Amy Schumer. She is killing it right now!”


Gail O’Hara, writer/editor, Evelyn & Bobbie

Countries visited: 16

Places on your dream list: Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Italy, Iceland

What she learned while traveling: “I was in Lisbon during Hurricane Katrina. It was interesting to be with a group of Portuguese and British people at the time; they had no idea such poverty existed in the US till they saw the news coverage.”

Someone groundbreaking who inspires you: “The French photographer Maia Flore, whose dreamlike images always make me wonder how she made them.”


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All images sourced from: Cassie de Pecol