We’re inspired by all of you

We are thankful. Thankful for the women who paved the path before us, for those who have yet to blaze their own trails, and, most importantly we are thankful for YOU, our Evelyn & Bobbie community. We’re inspired by all of you. You give our work purpose and meaning, and motivate us to keep trekking towards our goals. THANK YOU.

In honor of all this gratitude we are basking in, we launched our 30 Days of Thanks giveaway at the start of November. We wanted to know what gets you out of bed every morning, and puts a smile on your face. Suffice it to say we were blown away by all the notes of gratitude we received. There were absolutely tearful moments shared by our staff as we read your words.

In total, we heard from 1,384 of you and randomly selected 150 to receive a free bra and pair of knickers. We wish we could have chosen you all!

In honor of all of this gratitude, the closing of this giveaway, and spreading the good vibes around, here is a small selection of our favorite notes. We hope they inspire you to reflect on what you are thankful for in your own life!

“Thankful for my good health. 6 years cancer free allowing me to see my 21 yr old triplet girls blossom into strong, smart women & to find LOVE again!”

“I’m thankful because I wake up everyday surrounded by positive and loving peoples who reciprocate my appreciation for keeping each other lifted.”  

“My mother in law reminds me I am never too old to pursue my dreams. She started studying medicine aged 30 and makes me believe I can do anything.”

“My grandmother who taught me to always carry yourself as if you are worth more than a million dollars.”

“Thankful for my MS. Sounds crazy to be thankful for an incurable disease…but, it’s forced me to be intentional with my energy, and use it on my fam.”

“My 85 year old mother who knew how to raise me into an independent woman and who is doing her best aging gracefully with the challenges aging brings.”

“As a breast cancer survivor for 10 years, I give thanks every day.”

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