Top Bras to Consider After Shoulder Surgery

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If you’re recovering from shoulder surgery or planning for a future procedure, it goes without saying that there’s a lot to consider. Depending on the type of surgery, it can take between 1-6 months to make a full recovery, so you’ll naturally need to start transitioning back to everyday life at some point during that period.

Figuring out when and how to wear a bra after shoulder surgery is part of that. But is a post-shoulder surgery bra even a thing? And if so, what is the easiest bra to wear after shoulder surgery? Let’s go over what every female recovering shoulder surgery patient should know.

Can You Wear a Bra After Shoulder Surgery?

Generally speaking, you can wear a bra after surgery. However, it’s important to make sure you choose one that won’t irritate delicate tissue or potentially cause you to hurt yourself while you’re still healing.

Traditional bras may be difficult to put on, as they clasp in the back. Hard, unforgiving underwires can pinch and poke. Plus, the straps on a traditional bra can aggravate the shoulders due to designs that force tired muscles to bear too much of the burden of support.

Many surgeons recommend not wearing a traditional bra for at least two weeks after a procedure for all of those reasons. However, you can safely wear a bra after shoulder surgery if you choose one that’s soft, fits you well, and is appropriately designed.

What Kind of Bra Can You Wear After Shoulder Surgery?

An appropriate shoulder surgery bra is soft and easy to put on, even with a limited range of motion. It should also be designed to support you without overstressing healing shoulder tissue or causing posture issues.

Properly well-fitting bras, such as those available at Evelyn & Bobbie, alleviate shoulder pressure by relying on the band for essential support. This allows sensitive tissue to heal undisturbed without the need to go completely braless.

Why an Evelyn & Bobbie Bra Is the Best Bra to Wear After Shoulder Surgery

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There’s a reason why our supportive wireless bras keep attracting rave customer reviews, including from women recovering from shoulder surgery and other procedures. We rewrote the book on what it means for a bra to fit well, be supportive, and help the person wearing it feel like the most elegant possible version of herself.

Many of our bras, particularly our Defy wireless bra, make excellent shoulder surgery bra choices for reasons like the following.

Comfortable custom fit

Remember, it’s the fit that makes the difference when it comes to everyday comfort, and Evelyn & Bobbie has that down to a science. Our bras are made of soft, innovative fabric with four-way stretch that’s specially designed to mold itself to your unique body over your first two or three wear sessions.

So, there will be none of the tugging, slipping, digging, or restricting you might be used to with traditional bras – just a buttery soft, personalized garment that hugs your body like it was made just for you and lets you heal thoroughly.

Wire-free support

Underwires aren’t just uncomfortable and unforgiving. They’re also outmoded technology as far as efficient support goes. EB bras rely on our patented EB Core® support system instead, which is capable of supporting even fuller figures with ease.

That’s because the EB Core® doesn’t simply remove the underwire from the equation. It actually replaces it and improves upon it for superior support that never pinches, pokes, crushes, or restricts. This makes it a great fit for patients recovering from shoulder surgery, as many of our loyal customers can confirm like Marilyn V.

Marilyn underwent shoulder replacement surgery due to years of discomfort from traditional bras with straps digging into her shoulders and underwires. While searching for post-surgery bras, she came across Evelyn and Bobbie's bras and decided to try one. Marilyn expressed, 'They are incredibly comfortable and supportive. The straps no longer dig into my shoulders, which is a big plus for me.’

Zero irritation

EB bras not only come without underwires, but they also have seamless designs on the inside that does not include seams to prevent any irritation to your surgery site.

All of our bras are also BPA-free, latex-free, nickel-free, and copper-free, so you don’t have to worry about exposure to harmful chemicals and common allergens.

Easy to put on

Many of our bras, including our popular Defy model, don’t clasp in the back, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get into and out of your bra while your range of motion is limited.

And all of our bras are stretchy enough that you can actually step into them and pull them over your hips into place. Try it and see for yourself.

Get the post-surgery support you need. Explore our wireless bra collection to find the best bra for your post-surgery comfort.