The Underwear Dilemma:
Should You Wear It With Yoga Pants?

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To wear or not to wear? That’s the real question when it comes to whether you should wear underwear with your yoga pants, so you’re not alone if you’re never sure which way to go. The idea of going commando naturally isn’t for everybody, but neither is the idea of being distracted by your undergarments when you just plain want to be comfortable.

Yoga pants are comfortable, but they’re also super unforgiving. Most underwear leaves obvious underwear lines on display. And naturally, the last thing you want to be worrying about while doing actual yoga is a wedgie that’s as visible as it is irritating.

But what if we said you could have the best of both worlds – the comfort and security of underwear underneath your yoga pants without the panty lines and self-consciousness? Evelyn & Bobbie has you covered with comfortable, seamless underwear for yoga pants that will leave you wondering why you didn’t try it sooner.

What Kind of Underwear Do You Wear Under Yoga Pants?

For a sleek, discreet look that makes it easy to step out in confidence, a seamless thong is your best bet for wearing underneath yoga pants. Here are a few more tips to keep in mind for amazing active looks you’ll love.

  • Thongs are the most efficient option to reach for when you don’t want to risk ruining your outfit with visible panty lines.
  • Thongs are terrific solutions for women who prefer a “barely there” approach to underwear.
  • Thongs can be elegant, feminine, and distinctive ways to add some pop to your lingerie collection.
  • Poor fit, due to issues related to band size, cup size, and improper fittings
  • Inadequate support, especially in wire-free options
  • Health issues related to chronic pain and bra-related shoulder strain

Go for quality yoga pants

Yoga pants are popular options these days, both in the gym and out of it, so there are tons of different options on the market. Some of them are deceptively cheap, too, but resist the urge to take advantage.

Cheaper yoga pants are usually thin and sheer, leaving everything on display, including any underwear you have on, so invest in quality yoga pants. They’ll last longer and give you enough peace of mind to go into your next downward dog with confidence.

Choose seamless underwear options

The thick, raised seams associated with most underwear are what’s really responsible for those visible panty lines you want to avoid. Opting for smooth, seamless alternatives designed to disappear underneath tight or unforgiving clothing is the solution.

Evelyn & Bobbie's underwear is different in all the right ways. It’s made of soft, buttery fabric that moves with you instead of riding up or stubbornly migrating out of place. And it’s seamless, too, for a smooth appearance that’s perfect for fitness looks.

Pay attention to color

Trying to create a flawless look by matching the color of your underwear to the color of the clothing going over it is a common mistake. The underwear usually winds up clashing against the color of your skin and standing out even more than it would otherwise.

The best no-show underwear actually matches your skin, so keep that in mind when choosing women’s underwear for yoga pants and similar clothing. Check out Evelyn & Bobbie’s True Complexion color palette collection for smooth, seamless underwear options that look (and feel) as natural as your own skin.

So, do girls usually wear underwear with yoga pants? Yes, they do. But style-conscious women understand the importance of choosing the right options to create sleek, seamless looks they can feel confident about.

Is It Healthier to Not Wear Underwear With Yoga Pants?

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Your body is fairly efficient at adjusting to whatever you choose to wear or not wear, so whether or not to wear underwear for yoga pants ultimately boils down to a personal choice. However, the right underwear – like Evelyn Bobbie underwear – comes attached to benefits of its own.

  • Underwear helps prevent the chafing that can occur when your yoga pants rub up against your sensitive skin.
  • Underwear for yoga pants helps keep your clothing clean, dry, and hygienic.
  • The right underwear can help keep bacteria and other microorganisms from causing odors and infections, especially during or after a workout.
  • Our High-Waisted Thong is designed to anchor securely and fit you more naturally than other thongs. No riding up, and no discomfort.
  • Inadequate support, especially in wire-free options
  • Health issues related to chronic pain and bra-related shoulder strain

The key is to choose underwear that breathes well, fits you properly, and is designed with active lifestyles in mind. That’s where Evelyn & Bobbie comes in.

Comfort-forward designs

Evelyn & Bobbie bras are wonderfully stretchy from band to cup, as well as specially designed to flex and stretch where you need it most. This allows the bra to mold and adjust itself to fit your unique body over the first couple of wear sessions for an incredible customized fit.

Plus, straps are set wider over the shoulder to redistribute the weight of heavier breasts from delicate muscle tissue to the shoulder joint where it should be. That means no more chronic back pain and no more discomfort.

So, if you’re looking for the best wireless bra for a large bust, look no further than our extensive catalog of innovative options. Shop Evelyn & Bobbie’s bra collection today, and get ready to fall madly in love with your perfect fit!

How Is Evelyn Bobbie Underwear Different?

At Evelyn & Bobbie, we view underwear as more than a mere daily essential. We believe that the perfect underwear is self-care. It's an opportunity to cherish yourself a bit more, indulging in an item that not only enhances your confidence but also ensures your utmost comfort. Deidre, an Evelyn & Bobbie customer, echoes this sentiment, stating,“Evelyn & Bobbie underwear makes you feel naked! It doesn’t roll, stays in place, smooth fabric, feels like butter on, and you don’t get skin bulging. I'm already placing an order for more.”

That said, many options from our catalog – like our amazing High-Waisted Thong, to name just one example – make incredible underwear for yoga pants for reasons like the following:

Reframe how you view support

Evelyn and Bobbie bras are proof positive that a bra doesn’t have to be restrictive, binding, or full of uncomfortable components to support you. You can experience the best support of your life while remaining comfortable and enjoying a full range of motion when you know where to look for it, and Evelyn & Bobbie has you covered.

Ready to experience an entirely new way to take care of your breast health while enjoying incredible comfort, support, and style? Shop our collection of wire-free bras today, and prepare to be amazed.

  • High-waisted, seamless designs create a smooth, line-free silhouette under any garment, including your favorite pair of yoga pants.
  • EB underwear is specially designed to move with you, so it always sits where it should, no matter how much you move. This includes our thong options.
  • Our soft, innovative fabric gets softer and more supple the more you wear it – perfect for staying comfortable anytime.
  • We make sure there’s cotton where it really counts – in the gusset – so synthetic fabrics never come into contact with your sensitive skin.
  • Cutting-edge options – like our amazing 3D-printed lace thong – help our underwear strike a solid balance between functional and beautiful.
  • Health issues related to chronic pain and bra-related shoulder strain

Ready to treat yourself to undergarments that truly redefine concepts like comfort, elegance, and wearability? Explore our selection of innovative seamless smoothing underwear and prepare to fall madly in love.