Underwear is Self-Care

by Bree McKeen March 20, 2019



A facial is $125.  A massage is $160. Your mani-pedi is $60. Your yoga class is $25. 

The women I know are commanding the room, presenting big ideas, asking the hard questions. Managing a career and a family.

We spend hard-earned money on our self-care because it matters. When you’re taking on the world, those little “treat yourself” moments can make a real difference.

Now, I’m obviously biased. I founded an underwear company–I know. Part of the reason I’m so passionate about what we do at Evelyn & Bobbie is because I truly believe that underwear is self-care.

“How you do anything is how you do everything.” That old adage haunts me sometimes. Like so many of us, that cruel voice in my head pops up from time-to-time critiquing everything I’ve done imperfectly each day. So when it comes to positive reinforcement, sometimes the little things are the big things.

I often think of this glass pitcher I bought ten years ago. I was so excited about it: clean design, simple, lovely. But that damn thing could not pour without a steady stream of water dripping onto the table. It didn’t do its job.

In contrast, every morning I pull on a pair of Evelyn & Bobbie underwear. And a little smile comes across my face. Because they are truly perfect. So comfortable. Stays in place. No lines, even in leggings.

So, I encourage you to think about your first layer. And make it the one you deserve. Click here to shop our underwear now.


From the heart,
Bree McKeen

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