Summer Celebrations

After what felt like an endless winter here out west, summer weather has finally arrived! 

The leaves on the cottonwoods surrounding our ranch have filled out to create a shady summer canopy, and the signs of summer are everywhere.

It’s the perfect time to introduce new Champagne Ginkgo. 

This summery hue is a light, fresh, and bubbly leaf print. It will have you feeling ready for  sun-kissed mornings,  shimmery lip glosses, and lightweight, linen shirts. (You might even be tempted to take your button down one extra notch to show off the gorgeous, subtle pattern!)

Just like summer, this style will be gone before you know it. So, here are 4 ways I’m slowing down to celebrate and savor the season. 

  • Evening wild-flower hunting rides around the ranch with all the kids 
  • Wild mint iced tea – it grows all over the creeks here on the ranch
  • Morning hikes in the fresh desert air, with birds singing all around
  • Wearing my Champagne Ginkgo set, all summer long! 

How are YOU making the most of this summer? Whatever warm-weather traditions you love most, Evelyn & Bobbie is there to provide support and comfort all day long.  

Pop the bubbly, Champagne Ginkgo is here!!


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