The Making of Bobbie Scoop

The Bobbie Scoop: A Bra Inspired by Aunt Bobbie's Creative Power

After launching the Evelyn Bra last year (and hearing how much you all love it!) we knew it was time to design a bra inspired by our other namesake. 

Aunt Bobbie was a powerhouse of creativity, hard work and living with a purpose. We channel her every day in our processes by ensuring every one of our products are serving an important purpose in our customers’ lives, whether that’s through providing comfort, support, or style.

Fashion Flexibility: A Core Feature

With the Bobbie Scoop bra, we wanted to offer something that served a specific purpose in our customers’ wardrobes: fashion flexibility. We know that sometimes you want to wear a lower-cut top or a backless dress, and the Bobbie Scoop gives you the freedom to do that without sacrificing support or comfort.

Love your Beyond, but sometimes wish the neckline was lower?

Just bought a new tank top, but the Evelyn straps are too wide?

Want to wear that summer dress, but the back is too low to wear with Defy?

Bobbie Scoop is for you. 

Size-Specific Design: A Revolutionary Approach

With the smoothing comfort you love from Defy, but a versatile neckline built for your summer wardrobe, the Bobbie scoop is guaranteed to be your new favorite. The scoop neckline is perfect for low-cut tops and dresses, and it gives you the freedom to wear a variety of styles without worrying about your bra showing.

This launch also sees the first (not last!) bra we are offering in size XS. We hear from customers every day that the size small is too large or “too much bra”, so we added this size for you! 

Rather than just scaling down our other sizes evenly, like other brands do, we surveyed, met with and fit on hundreds of XS wearers to design for their specific bra needs. XS was designed specifically to fit and serve XS customers - a shockingly rare idea in the industry. 

We took this size-specific approach to every detail of this bra. One of our most valuable findings was that wearers with heavy breast tissues needed a lot more support in the straps to prevent stretch-out with wear. We added additional layers to the straps, unique to each size, so that someone who wears a 48H has the same supportive experience as a 28C.

Crafting Comfort: Beyond Size

But it’s not just the straps that are unique to each size. We’ve designed the cups and the band with specific considerations for different body types and shapes. We know that everyone’s body is different, and we’ve taken that into account in the design of the Bobbie Scoop.

We’ve put a lot of thought into every detail of this bra, making sure that it’s the best possible fit and support for all of our customers. We’ve also made sure that the bra is comfortable to wear all day long. We use high-quality, breathable materials that won’t irritate your skin or make you feel constricted. 

The Bobbie Scoop: Designed with a Purpose

But perhaps most importantly, we’ve designed the Bobbie Scoop with a purpose. We want this bra to be a staple in your wardrobe, something that you can wear with confidence and pride. We want you to feel comfortable, supported, and stylish, all at the same time.

In short, the Bobbie Scoop is a game-changer. It’s a bra that is designed specifically for you, with all of the support, comfort, and style that you could ask for. So if you’re looking for a bra that can keep up with your summer wardrobe and your active lifestyle, look no further than the Bobbie Scoop.

More than Just a Bra: A Tribute to Aunt Bobbie

But the Bobbie Scoop is more than just a bra with a lower neckline. It’s a product that embodies the values that Aunt Bobbie lived by. We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into every detail of this bra, from the size-specific design to the innovative materials, to ensure that it is a product that you can feel good about buying and wearing.

We hope that the Bobbie Scoop bra will serve as a tribute to Aunt Bobbie’s legacy and an inspiration to our customers to live with purpose and intention in their own lives.

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