Plus size, minus size.... how about beautiful-you sized

The whole idea of "Plus Size" is pretty funny if you think about the fact that 68% of American women are a size 14 or larger.... so what's the "plus"?  The fact is, humans have always come in a spectrum of sizes. I'm certainly no geneticist, but as I understand it, diversity is critical to the survival of any species. The uniqueness of our individual bodies is an essential building block of our very existence—and that's something worth honoring.

Words have power. So, as we count down the days before we begin shipping our second "one-size-fits-many" Knickers (our second underwear size fits about a dress size 16 to about a 24), we have been thinking carefully about how we talk about our sizing. We need to use language familiar enough that we can effectively reach the customers who need our products—while participating in a future where we value the beautiful diversity that is innate to human kind.

We are here to hold up the mirror for hard-working, world-changing, community-building women everywhere. We see you, in all your beauty, shining from the inside out. So whether you're a size 2 or a size 22, you deserve underwear that moves with you.

Thanks for believing in us. We believe in you. You're why we exist.

From the heart,

Bree McKeen

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