Our Founder's Favorite Winter Layer

Hello! I have two feet of snow out my window. Winter is in full swing.

Every day this week I have started out my day by putting on my Smoothing Cami. Then I put on my knickers and pull them up over the tank. (Yes, first layer is Cami. Try it, you’ll see.) I call it my “two-piece bodysuit”. Easy to go to the lady’s room. Smoothing on my belly and waist. Perfect, lifted, “shoulders-down-spine-long” support. 

If you haven’t tried the Smoothing Cami, you are missing out. The Smoothing Cami is maybe my favorite EB bra overall. It’s made to tuck in, which I love. It’s technically finished so it looks polished if I unbutton my blouse a few buttons. (It can be seen!) In winter, it’s my go-to. 

In fact, as I sit here writing this I have it under a simple cashmere sweater. No back-fat, super smoothed… sigh. Perfect. 

The reason it feels so heavenly, besides the light tummy-smoothing, is that the straps sit wide and anchored over my shoulder clavicle joint, not the soft belly of my trapezius muscle.  When you no longer have 10-or-more pounds of boobs hanging from your neck, but instead carrying that load on your skeleton and core muscles–you feel like you can stand a little taller. You’ll likely feel your neck and shoulders relax. You might even get fewer headaches. Because healthy posture matters. 

If you’re wearing a bra that gives you divots in your shoulders and makes you want to slouch because of digging underwires… STOP IT. Seriously, toss those bras out. It’s time. 

One customer perhaps said it best this week when she wrote:

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Smoothing Cami — I received the two last week and I just keep wearing them daily because they are AMAZING. Crazy comfortable and supportive. Kind of kicking myself for not trying them sooner because I’ve been missing out.

First of all, you are SO welcome! And Thank YOU!

For every friend you have told about EB, I also personally thank you. (And I just know that she is going to thank you, too.)

So pick up a Smoothing Cami. Wear it, wash it, style it… and if you don’t love it, return it within 60 days. That’s my promise to you.

Maybe throw one in the cart for Mom and Grandma, too.

And remember, each of you, stand tall and lead from the heart. 

With love,


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