New Year, New Milestones: A Letter from the CEO

My journey with Evelyn & Bobbie first began with patent filings in 2013. At that time, I had little more than an idea and a dream. Now, as the first Evelyn & Bobbie bras ship this week, I find myself in a moment of reflection and introspection.

Right now, some of the biggest bra giants are struggling. Customers are actively looking for new solutions. New companies are emerging. New marketing tactics are popping-up everywhere in an effort to put new solutions in the hands of customers. The age-old intimate apparel industry shake-up has begun.

Since day one, the EB vision has been much bigger than a bra: It’s time for women to lift their expectations and to design their own futures. Our mission is to design truly functional products for women, to take the guess-work out of sizing, and to deliver unprecedented quality. This is a very big job. I knew that changing a stagnant multi-billion dollar industry would be full of challenge, but the research and a multitude of personal stories behind the everyday struggles of bra discomfort has inspired us.

Our bras won’t be perfect for every woman right out of the box. Many of our customers will be blown away by the experience of structured support without wires. Some will need a second shot to find an EBMatch (a personalized size). And some will not be served immediately, until we expand our size range and product lines. And for now, that is ok, because we are not here to make a quick buck, or to create a different version of the same thing. We intend to change the intimate apparel industry: the way products are made, the way they fit your body, and your experience with them. We are here for the long-game.

We are already working on the next versions of the EB. We will be listening carefully to your feedback over the next months. And we are set to deliver on that feedback. Constant improvement. That’s the commitment we have to you.

This milestone comes with a great deal of gratitude. Gratitude that so many business partners, brilliant individuals, and eager early customers have supported us to come this far.

Cheers to 2018!  To the beginning of a new chapter for our start-up, and to being one step closer to a world with higher standards for women and products that serve their daily lives.



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