Nature—a sweet reminder to love and respect our own special bodies


Have you ever seen a face within the knots and notches of weathered trees? Or the curve of a spine in a leaf or twisted root?

We are regularly inspired by the curves, creases, colors, and amazing beauty in plants. Perhaps it is part of our Portland roots, but to us, nature serves as a sweet and humbling reminder to love and respect our own special bodies. 

Plants, with their unique shapes, sizes, and colors emulate the uniqueness of the human body.  They exist in the natural world just as we exist in the natural world. And just like us, even those in the same family of plant species, each have their own variations, quirks and individual characteristics.

Seeing ourselves in the context of nature has had a huge impact on the inspiration behind our brand and the design of our products.

Like the curvatures seen in plants, our Everyday Bustier is designed to hug your shape. To provide you with support and protection, and to celebrate your beauty rather than mask it. In the same vein, our Knickers are petal-soft, and move with your body instead of fighting against it.

We find a lot of freedom in nature. Freedom to move, play, sway in the breeze, and stop to appreciate the simple joy of being in one’s own body. It’s our hope and goal to provide this sense of freedom to you.

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