It’s true. The Everyday Bustier isn't for everyone. 

We've gotten feedback from women who say that the EB has changed their life. Some have found their best fit and are thrilled to have the load removed from their shoulders and placed in their core. Many are relieved to finally find a color that compliments their complexion. 

We've also heard from customers who the "EB" didn't work for at all, but they still write to encourage us to continue the innovation we are so committed to.

So in full transparency, this may be the bra you've been looking for... but it also may not be. 

Depending on your body, you might be carrying two, six, even ten pounds of breast tissue around everyday.  And we all know underwires are a pain. So we made some bold moves with this bra and perfection takes time. As we move into the future, we'll continue to work to make our products thinner, lighter, and ever more breathable.

We set out to solve real problems for real women and we have only just begun. Our next amazing bra is totally different and becomes available for pre-order later this year.

From the heart,
Bree McKeen

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