Inclusive Plunge

Like many women, I've always had a complicated relationship with my boobs. I remember being 11 and visiting my grandparents house for the summer, when my grandma told me "It's time to go bra shopping."

I was filled with a mix of confusion (I'm just a kid!), shame (how long have I needed a bra?) and excitement (I've always been a shopper).

From First Bra to Bra Designer: A Journey of Discovery

Since then, I've probably purchased thousands of bras - I am a bra designer, after all - and developed a keen sense of what works for me. As someone with large breasts that don't always "stay" where I want them too, I always thought plunge bras were out of the question for me.

I'd try one on, and it'd fit great at first, then after a couple of hours, I'd end up with my boobs squished together, the bra no-where to be found. The neckline would stretch out, and the bra would become completely unwearable.

Obviously, this put a limit on the types of necklines I could wear. As someone with an interest in fashion, this was really disheartening. I wanted to wear the deep-v and wrap necklines I saw my friends wearing, but doing so would have caused some major wardrobe malfunctions.

Crafting the EB Plunge: Bridging Functionality with Fashion

So when it came time to design the EB Plunge bra, I was skeptical. I remember telling Bree early on "I'm not the customer for this."

I couldn't have been more wrong.

With the super-stretchy EB fabric paired with reinforced straps, and an extra-supportive bottom band, the plunge bra was designed to work for bodies like mine. Bodies with breast tissue that is soft and moveable (imagine that!) and "refuses to cooperate" in other plunge bras.

The Freedom of The Perfect Plunge Bra

Now that I have this bra in my rotation, I realized how much of my wardrobe and personal style has been shaped by my previous limitations. I'm starting to add deeper necklines into my closet, and I feel so free being able to wear them without worrying about spillage, cutting and squishing.

Instead of fidgeting and constantly adjusting on my bra, I can focus on the things that really matter - like wearing fabulous outfits and designing the world's best bras. I hope this new style brings you the same freedom!

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