The Season of Self-Love

Self love is not a new topic. Perhaps RuPaul said it best:

“If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

I’ve found this to ring true. When we learn to nurture ourselves, it becomes easy to nurture others.

Valentine’s Day has become a bit commercial. For me, it’s not a day that is particularly meaningful in my relationship. But I do like to take signals from the Valentine’s Day hype to think about and celebrate love. Family love. Girlfriend love. And most importantly, self love. So here are two ways, one big and one small, that I am committing to showing myself self-love in 2023.

  1. Time in nature. As you probably already know about me, I’m an ambitious woman with type-A tendencies. Time in nature is one of the most powerful ways for me to ground myself and reconnect with my breath. Sure, it takes at least 30 minutes, sometimes more, for me to actually “arrive”, but it works. And even knowing how impactful it is, I don’t do it enough. I need that time, and my loved ones benefit when I prioritize my mental health. All in, it’s a perfect way for me to show myself love.
  2. Matching bra & underwear sets. Ok, I know. This sounds really salesy. But it’s actually true. I have never cared about matching bras and panties. For a long time, during the decades where I was mostly bitter about how uncomfortable bras were for me, I resisted taking on the messages that I should have a fancy matching underwear set under my clothes, out of defiance. “Hell no. That’s not what I care about.” But after years of wearing EB, I’m surprised to see how that has come full circle. Now, comfort is my default. My experience of feeling great in my skin – and my intimates – is 100% non-negotiable. So with that as my baseline… I’ve noticed that when I put on a matching bra and underwear set, it feels like a sweet little nod to my own happiness. It’s not for anyone else but me.

So this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be putting on my Wildflower Pink matching bra and underwear set, and going for a long walk on the mountain behind our house.

What are YOU going to do for self love this year?


With love, 


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