Happy Holidays from Evelyn & Bobbie!

Founder Bree McKeen & her family at the holidays

The holiday season is in full swing. 

Our holiday party was December 1st. The venue was gorgeous; everyone looked dazzling, and the vibes were Merry-Merry. Delicious food, sparkly cocktails, and a team of people–and supportive significant others–that made me feel oh-so-rich. It was my favorite holiday party of all time. 

Thank you, to each of EB’s incredible employees for creating so much growth this year. (Dreams are coming true over here…) 

A few weeks ago, we conducted focus groups with EB customers. I was blown away, yet again, by the caliber of women who wear EB. Such sharp, powerful, considerate, and fierce human beings. These are our customers. I’ve never been more committed to continuing to innovate and bring you all the first layers you need to be your best, most confident selves. 

Season’s Greetings, to each of EB’s remarkable customers. I wish I could meet each and every one of you and know your story.

This Christmas, we are celebrating with Nana and Papa Smith on the Ranch. We’ll kick off celebrations with Cookie Day, baking carefully decorated sugar cookies using a 150 year old Bavarian family recipe. 

On Christmas morning, Spencer and I will wake up early, before the kids, to stand by the tall windows and watch a pink and purple sunrise come up over the snowy winter wonderland while we sip our coffee. Later we’ll sit by the fire, play with presents, and feel… so grateful.

Wherever you are, whatever this year has brought for you, I wish you joy and peace this holiday season.


With love, 


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