From Hate to Love: Mantras of Self Talk


Bobbie was a real person. My great aunt, and the most spiritually impactful person in my life. She taught me a lot about self-love -- lessons I am still working to integrate into my life today. She showed me through example how rich and beautiful life can be when you love yourself. The Love multiplies and you become a force of Love in the world.


Aunt Bobbie used to say, “Watch out for that mean voice in your head. She will be more cruel to you than anyone else in the world. And when you catch her saying those things to her, you tell her to shut up! Never let the voice in your head say things to you that you wouldn’t allow someone else to say about your sister or your best friend.”


When Aunt Bobbie caught that mean voice in her head she would do her best to notice it and correct it. As a teenager she told me that when she caught that mean voice criticizing her body, she would make herself stand in front of the mirror until she gave herself a sincere compliment. “Some days it might only be my wrists. But then I’d say ‘Oh Bobbie! What beautiful wrists you have!'” And she would mean it. 


I started this company in part because I was tired of big bra companies who seemed to be everywhere women were, saying: “Shh! It doesn’t matter that you are in pain. Hoist them up higher! Be prettier! Sexy all day every day!” 


Enough already.  


That’s why we are dedicated to holding up the mirror for humans everywhere: Be comfortable! Love yourself! We think Your Purpose is Beautiful.


So keep an eye out for those sneaky, mean mantras that are hiding in the dark corners of your mind. (Or in your Instagram feed.) And take with you this little nugget of Aunt Bobbie wisdom: take every opportunity, big and small, to LOVE THYSELF. Humanity deserves it.


Bree McKeen
Founder & CEO