Discover Your Perfect Fit:
Best Bras for Different Breast Shapes

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It’s not just your personality that makes you unique. Your body – including your breasts – is also one of a kind. In fact, breasts come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes, each of them beautiful and normal in every way.

However, it’s important to consider the best-fitting bra for your shape when updating your bra collection, as what works perfectly for one woman may not be right at all for another. At Evelyn & Bobbie, we fully understand this and offer a variety of different bra types to choose from.

Our Bra Recommendations Based on Breast Shape

When choosing a bra for breast shape, it’s helpful to know how you’d describe the unique shape of your breasts going in. Breasts can be wide set or pendulous, teardrop-shaped or bell-shaped. Many breasts are also asymmetrical. Evelyn & Bobbie’s inclusivity-driven approach to bras means we’ve got the best-fitting bra styles for different breast shapes.


The Smoothing Bra Cami, a combined bra and tank, has long been a favorite of many of our customers, as it offers an elegant base layer for any garment. With an ergonomic design and smoothing back and side bands, the Smoothing Bra Cami offers a luxurious mix of contouring and comfort.

Infused with EB Core® Patented Lift, it's a perfect choice for minimizing back and shoulder pain while maximizing confidence. As Bobbie pointed out, the Smoothing Bra Cami also comes in a wide range of stylish colors, from our True Complexion line to limited edition leopard print.

The Evelyn & Bobbie Starlette Plunge Bra is a newer addition that features our lowest neckline to date. Designed to provide invisible comfort and support under any garment, the Starlette Plunge Bra offers adjustable straps and plenty of weightless lift in all the most flattering places.

Not only is the Starlette Plunge Bra designed with built-in anti-odor and moisture-wicking technology, but also offers extra support layers for larger breasts. Whether you’re in search of a bra with an alluring three-dimensional lift or wardrobe versatility, the Starlette Plunge has all your bases covered.

Exploring Our Different Bra Styles

At Evelyn & Bobbie, we firmly believe that a perfect fitting bra is something every woman deserves, and that all women are flawless just as they are. It’s the bras that have been getting it all wrong.

Bra inclusivity is the key to finally getting it right. So, no matter what size, shape, or shade you happen to be, we’ve got you covered with supportive, comfortable, beautiful styles of bras you’ll love.

Defy Bra

The Defy Bra was Evelyn & Bobbie’s very first bra option, and it remains one of our most popular thanks to its t-shirt-friendly, seamless design.

Although the Defy Bra is versatile enough to flatter any breast shape, including round breasts, it’s also the best bra for asymmetrical breasts because of the way it smooths and equalizes volume, helping to minimize any visible size difference.This elegant smoothing effect also makes the Defy Bra the best bra for wide-set breasts.


Beyond Bra

Our wireless Beyond Bra is easily one of our bestsellers with its weightless but robust support and elegant classic look. It’s also perfect for women who are looking for better breast separation.

This separation effect makes the Beyond Bra perfect for naturally close-set breasts. However, if you’ve been looking for the best bra for pendulous breasts, teardrop-shaped breasts, or bell-shaped breasts, you’ll love the superior support this option brings to the table.


Evelyn Bra

Many women with smaller, slender, or shallow breast types benefit from bras that feature pushup technology. Evelyn & Bobbie’s Evelyn Bra is a terrific match for the way it tackles the whole concept of a pushup bra without bringing uncomfortable, restrictive wires into the mix.The

Evelyn’s elegant plunging neckline and smoothing bodice offer lift while also sculpting your figure beautifully for a truly sophisticated silhouette. This sculpting effect makes the Evelyn a potential candidate for the best bra for east-west breast shape.


Smoothing Bra Cami

Women who love tank-style bras for their unbeatable all-over coverage and control will love our Smoothing Bra Cami for obvious reasons. An open neckline makes for incredible versatility, while its smoothing effect makes it one of the better bra styles for different breast types.

Women with wide-set, east-west, or asymmetric breasts may especially love this tank bra option for its sleek design, but the Smoothing Bra Cami was created with an extensive variety of shapes and sizes in mind.


Bobbie Scoop Bra

If you love the general idea of our Defy Bra but would prefer thinner straps, a lower neckline, or both, the Bobbie Scoop Bra was made with you in mind. Specially designed to fit you like a second skin and disappear under clothing, the Bobbie Scoop leaves you with lots of options when it comes to fashion versatility.

Try the Bobbie Scoop if you’re looking for the best-fitting bra for round, slender, wide-set, or east-west breast types. The Bobbie Scoop also caters especially well to XS customers.


Starlette Plunge Bra

Our Starlette Plunge Bra offers the same wonderful adjustability and support as our Beyond Bra alongside the added appeal of a low-cut plunging neckline for an even wider range of fashion choices. It also offers you the lift you need to look your best in your favorite low-cut tops and dresses.

Try the Starlette Plunge Bra if you’re looking for the best bra for teardrop breast shape or the best bra for bell-shaped breasts, as you’ll love the lift and definition it brings to the table.


Does Your Breast Shape Affect Bra Size?

Your breast shape doesn’t affect your actual bra size, although it may influence your style preference. However, many women do find they’re comfortable in more than one size overall (for example, one size for pushup bras and another for t-shirt bras). Evelyn & Bobbie’s simplified sizing system helps take the guesswork out of finding the right option for you. Don’t forget to check your size when trying a new style! Each of our styles has a unique size chart to ensure the very best fit. 

How We Test for Diverse Shapes and Sizes

At Evelyn & Bobbie, we firmly believe that every woman is perfect just the way she is. It’s the bra industry that’s been getting things wrong for so many years. That’s why we’ve made an ongoing commitment to inclusivity, to better ensure women of every shape and size have easy access to the support, style, and confidence they deserve.

We ensure maximum inclusivity via our extensive wear-testing process. Instead of fitting just one size and scaling up or down from there the way other brands do, we test our products on a full range of real bodies. We’re careful to include women of different heights, builds, and cup sizes throughout each round of testing, as well. The result is a catalog full of products designed to work for a wide range of different women and breast shapes.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It – Try an EB Bra for Yourself

Tired of choosing between the support you need and the comfort you want? Ready to choose a bra for your breast shape that fits you better than you ever imagined possible? Get ready to experience our inclusivity promise in action when you browse our wireless bra collection today!

How Many Bras Should I Own?

To maximize the lifespan of all of your Evelyn & Bobbie bras, we recommend owning at least two or three and rotating them regularly. This gives each bra a chance to relax in between uses, ensuring that it will be supporting you for a long time to come.

Prioritize Durability, Comfort, and Support with Evelyn & Bobbie

Ready to take your bra game to the next level and beyond? Looking to replace an old bra with something that won’t let you down? We’ve got you covered with incredible fits, improved bra lifespan, ultra-comfortable wireless support, and beautiful designs.

Experience the Evelyn & Bobbie difference. Browse our collection today, and prepare for bra-bliss.