Why was this bra important to make?


Poking, pressure, strain & pain. That’s why. The underwire bra was invented over 80 years ago. It’s time to make painful bras a thing of the past. Because a better way is possible when we pay attention to the right things.

Less focus on bows and frills. More focus on structural support and softness.

In 2012, I left my job to work on better intimates. For me, Evelyn & Bobbie has always been about more than bras. It’s about finding better ways to do things. It’s about creating products with our actual bodies and physiology in mind.

No, you don’t need to have permanent divots in your shoulders from painful bra straps. You just need a bra company that dares to do things differently. 

Last year, we learned from our wins and learned even more from our mistakes. We realize our first bra may not have worked for you–that’s exactly why we need your support now. These pre-order dollars are going directly towards ensuring that this incredible new wire-free bra reaches the world.

This is truly a bra that will leave you lifted and supported as you move from the office, to yoga, to your next adventure. We named this bra “Defy” because we exist to defy limitations, and this bra will defy your wildest expectations.

Although some will try to hold back our progress, we exist to Defy.

So please, make your pledge today! You’ll be glad you did.


From the heart,
Bree McKeen

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