Care On The Go

Care On The Go

Care on the go – wash and dry your Knickers while traveling. 

Before we dig into our easy wash instructions, my first hot tip for “care on the go” is to add to your kit EB’s super high-quality wash bags and travel bags . You can buy them under “extras” on the site or even better, they come as a gift with purchase with our bundles. I like to put clean Knickers in my travel bag and dirties in the wash bag. It’s so easy to drop your wash bag in the hamper when you’re home.

But what if you need an extra clean pair while you’re still on the go? It’s happened to all of us. You bring one pair less than you thought. Or you meant to grab a second thong for that skin-tight dress but realize you just wore your only pair today. You might even be on an around-the-world trip while following the “One Carry-on Rule”. In all scenarios – EB Knickers have you covered. You can wash and dry your EB underwear overnight, easily.

Just hand wash your Knickers in the sink gently with some cold waterI’ve used a million kinds of soap as a proxy for “gentle detergent”, so use whatever is handy. I’ve even used shampoo in a bind! Soak them for a few minutes, then gently massage and rinse. It’s that easy.

The secret is in the drying. Take a used towel or hand towel–any towel will do–and lay your Knickers out. Fold or roll the towel to make a little towel-and-underwear burrito.

Then step, walk, or dance on the towel. (I like to step on it while I do my make-up.) Remove, and hang to dry. With the excess moisture removed, they are sure to be dry by morning!

And if you’re really, really in a pinch? Use a blow-dryer on low and dry them in your hand.

So Bon Voyage from EB!

Bree McKeen

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