Calming Rituals: Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos

Today I’m having one of those days. My toddler woke up at 1am and wanted a snack. No REM sleep was had. Meetings were long and my inbox was full. And while everything is going great in the grand scheme things today I could feel myself letting small challenges get the best of me.

A Timely Intervention

Luckily, on a call with a good friend and colleague, she called it out right away. “Are you OK? Because you are intense today.” Sigh. 

Thank goodness for those trusted people.

So, I just got up from doing a 15-minute relaxation meditation. The first five minutes I thought “this is not going to work” and then… I woke up from that almost-dream state, feeling totally reset.

The days I need some calm are often not the same days that I have the discipline to do something about it. Luckily today, with some help from a friend, I did.

The Lavender Collection: The Color of Tranquility

Lavender is the color of the year. And it’s also my inspiration for today’s message. Adding this gorgeous new color to your collection is an easy way to do something nice for yourself, but I’m going to take it one step further. 

I’m going to make my Lavender Collection the bras I reach for this spring when I wake up with “The Intensity.” My lavender matching set will be my reminder that small moments of calm and self-care can make a big difference – for yourself, and those around you.

Whatever the Lavender Collection inspires for you, I hope this color lifts your spirits and brings you all the brightness of Spring!

With love,


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