Bra Maintenance:
Banish Those Pesky Deodorant Stains

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When it comes to keeping your underwear drawer full of awesome bras, finding options that not only fit you properly but keep you comfortable is naturally most of the battle. But taking great care of those bras to maximize their life span is what the rest is all about.

A terrific bra that’s as comfortable and beautiful as it is supportive is an investment in your ongoing health and well-being, so it pays to know a thing or two about proper bra maintenance. This includes a few reliable ways to remove deodorant stains from a bra you really love.

How to Remove Deodorant Stains from a Bra:
Expert Tips from Evelyn & Bobbie

Naturally, we all know a small deodorant stain or two isn’t the end of the world. But beautiful, functional underthings represent an investment, so it’s only natural to want to keep yours as nice as possible.

If you’re like many women, you may have noticed that deodorant stains seem to happen now and then despite your best efforts to avoid them. This is because they’re about more than a bit of your favorite deodorant simply rubbing off on your bra now and then.

Sometimes, sweat can mix with the aluminum in your favorite underarm products, leading to unsightly yellowing, as well. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to dealing with deodorant stains on a bra.


The Smoothing Bra Cami, a combined bra and tank, has long been a favorite of many of our customers, as it offers an elegant base layer for any garment. With an ergonomic design and smoothing back and side bands, the Smoothing Bra Cami offers a luxurious mix of contouring and comfort.

Infused with EB Core® Patented Lift, it's a perfect choice for minimizing back and shoulder pain while maximizing confidence. As Bobbie pointed out, the Smoothing Bra Cami also comes in a wide range of stylish colors, from our True Complexion line to limited edition leopard print.

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Exploring Our Different Bra Styles

At Evelyn & Bobbie, we firmly believe that a perfect fitting bra is something every woman deserves, and that all women are flawless just as they are. It’s the bras that have been getting it all wrong.

Bra inclusivity is the key to finally getting it right. So, no matter what size, shape, or shade you happen to be, we’ve got you covered with supportive, comfortable, beautiful styles of bras you’ll love.


The best way to keep deodorant stains from ruining the look of your favorite bras is to avoid them in the first place. Evelyn & Bobbie bras are designed to anchor low, below the point where you’d typically have to worry about making contact with deodorant, making stains a lot less likely.

Each EB bra design has also undergone our wear-testing process. By this, we mean every size of every option has been wear-tested multiple times on multiple body types to ensure the best wear experience possible.

In other words, we totally get it. We know you’re worried about issues like how to get deodorant stains out of a bra, and we’ve been hard at work making sure such concerns are a lot less of a potential problem.


Did you know that you only need to pull your Evelyn & Bobbie bra on over your head if that’s genuinely the method you prefer? Our incredibly strong fabric complete with innovative 4-way stretch actually makes it possible to step into your bra instead.

We promise it will fit over your hips, no matter what size or shape you are. This is often a more accessible option for anyone with shoulder issues or mobility problems. And, yes, it’s a great way to keep your bra from coming into contact with your deodorant, as well.

Know how to deal with existing stains

Of course, life happens sometimes. So, despite your very best efforts, you might occasionally find yourself dealing with a streak or two regardless. Here are some go-to tips to help remove deodorant bra stains when they do happen.

  • Try creating a solution of one part white vinegar to four parts warm water, applying a bit of it to the stain, and rubbing it with your knuckles to help work the stain out. Old toothbrushes are also great for this purpose.
  • You can also try mixing a few tablespoons of salt with a few cups of warm water. Apply the mixture to the stain before washing your bra.
  • Aspirin can sometimes help dissolve stubborn stains, as well, including deodorant. Create a paste by mixing five or six tablets with water, applying it to the stain, and allowing it to sit for up to an hour before washing.

Some commercial stain removers – especially those formulated for use on delicates – may also be effective on your bras

Additional Care Tips for Your Evelyn & Bobbie Bras

Our bras are designed to be super durable and easy to care for to ensure they’re as easy as possible to integrate into your life. But thorough bra maintenance certainly never hurts, so consider integrating the following tips into your routine to further maximize the life span of all your EB favorites.

  • Consider removing the pads from your EB bras on laundry day and washing them separately to ensure they don’t get crushed or creased.
  • Wash your bra on cold with like colors and lay flat to dry. (Heat from dryers or the sun can cause elastin to break down faster.)
  • Rotate between several EB bras from day to day to allow each one to “rest” between wear sessions.

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How Many Bras Should I Own?

To maximize the lifespan of all of your Evelyn & Bobbie bras, we recommend owning at least two or three and rotating them regularly. This gives each bra a chance to relax in between uses, ensuring that it will be supporting you for a long time to come.

Prioritize Durability, Comfort, and Support with Evelyn & Bobbie

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