Behind the names - Why Evelyn and Bobbie?

When I set out to build this company, I held a few key values that were non negotiable. I wanted to create a brand – and products – where beauty and purpose unified. It was time to let go of this old idea that we should constrain and contort ourselves in the name of fashion.

The truth is, the most beautiful woman in the room is the one standing in her confidence, in her power. We want everyday products that do the job right, and make us feel comfortable; ready to face the day.

I also held dear the value of intergenerational connectedness. The women who came before us faced and overcame challenges that we can only imagine. We reap the benefits of our matriarchs’ struggles, and we carry a responsibility to make the path for our daughters and nieces even more full of promise and potential. 

So, when it came time to name the company, I named it after Evelyn & Bobbie. My two matriarchs. Evelyn was my maternal grandmother, and she represents Beauty. And my Aunt Bobbie, a seamstress and entrepreneur, represents Purpose. These were two real women who came before me, who helped make my life and my opportunities possible. By honoring them, we honor the spirit of bold women everywhere, and in all of us. 



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