Beauty & Function: I Want Both

Beauty & Function: I Want Both




The bras in the drawer have gotten too stretched out to ignore for another month. It’s time to go bra shopping.

I walk straight past all the pretty, delicate bras and straight into the fitting room. “Can I help you?” the salesperson asks.

The answer, I know, is “maybe.”



I know this routine well. I’ll ask for anything she has in a 34DD or 34DDD and she'll bring me three or four bras. They’ll be beige (“nude”) or black and they will all scream, 'just here to work!' Surrounded by unflattering lighting and mirrors on all sides, I’ll try a t-shirt over each of my options. I will most likely leave with one. The chances of it actually fitting optimally are slim to none.



Every few years, I try buying that beautiful lace bra when I’m lucky enough to stumble upon one in my size. But after three months, our relationship ends. Stretched and tired, it will fade to the back of my drawer with all the other trying-to-be-pretty bras that I will never actually wear, but I’ll keep as if one day they'll spontaneously become wearable.



In setting out to create a new bra brand, I was inspired by my own experiences as a bra shopper to redesign the entire bra experience. For myself, I want a beautiful fair complexion–colored bra that I can wear under a sheer shirt. I also want a beautiful one that makes me feel as if I’m wearing something a little special. I want both, and I’m betting that other women do too.

Our approach is to launch with the bra you need first: The one that doesn’t show under white, but still has thoughtful details to uplift you and remind you that you’re beautiful! We used real color science that’s based on actual human skin colors to carefully select our first Complexion Palette™. Having been part of the privileged group who has had access to a staple “nude,” I couldn’t think of a more important essential than a true “nude” for every woman. 

And to give you a hint of what’s to come, we are also launching with a beautiful digital print in a delicate lace design. It’s very feminine, but is still ultra-soft to the touch and smooth under clothes.



In the future, you can count on us to bring you gorgeous, exciting colors and prints: classic florals, lace, and fresh modern designs as well.

But first things first. After all, we women have some work to do in this world!

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