What we're grateful for – You!

When Autumn comes around, I often think of my Aunt Bobbie. I can imagine her now: standing in her marigold colored kitchen, flipping through her Joy of Cooking for that perfect recipe. Or I picture her sitting at her sewing machine working on some smart new jacket for the change of season.



When I was growing up, if ever I got the blues, Aunt Bobbie would remind me of her secret weapon: gratitude. The prescription was simple: just before going to sleep, write down the first five things that you're grateful for, big or small, and leave the list on the bedside table. "Your subconscious runs through that list over and over until you wake up," she would say. And she was right. It rarely took more than a few days of the ritual before a shift in outlook was imminent.

This fall, we are taking Aunt Bobbie's gratitude ritual and pairing it with a gift for the women who make our Company possible--our customers. Tell us who you are thankful for, who continues to inspire you, who brings beauty and purpose to your life, and you could win one of 5 bra and knickers sets we are giving away each and every day in November.

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