You have boobs. We have boobs. We know what to do.

One of the things that makes us significantly different than other companies is that we work with our customers every day. By listening to and working alongside customers like YOU, we have been able to develop truly innovative products that actually do the job.

We've learned, from hundreds of women, that they like the look of lace, but the realities are not so beautiful. Itchy fabric, stretched out bands, loose thread & holes - We solved all of these problems with our digitally printed, always-smooth lace.

Most companies fit bras in 1 size, and then grade up and down evenly to complete their size range. By scanning hundreds of real bodies, we know that bodies don't change evenly as they get smaller or larger. So we adapted our products for the subtle changes we saw. Meaning EB product WILL FIT. No matter your size, and no matter the changes to your body over time.

We continue to work with you to choose all of our colors for new product. No more products that only come in black, fuchsia, and one weird shade of beige being sold as "nude." Nude looks different to everyone, and by scanning hundreds of skin tones, we've developed our True Complexion™ palette designed to flatter your unique skin tone.

With the help of our customers, we are paving a new, bolder path. Our fearlessness sets us apart: we are taking on the biggest challenge in the intimates space today, doing what other companies cannot: pioneering new engineering methodologies to support a wider range of bodies and heavier bust loads.

When we say we want to hear from you, we mean it. Have feedback? Email us. ( This is one of the rare places where highly opinionated women are celebrated, not scorned!

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