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Hi friends!

At Evelyn & Bobbie, one of our three key values is magic. It’s a heavy word…one that holds infinite meanings that are prescribed carefully by each person who pauses long enough to think about it. It’s personal. At our company, magic means innovation, creativity, and the space to question the norm… We did notably revolutionize bra design that had not been updated since the 1930s!

I have been in the Customer Experience department at Evelyn & Bobbie since 2019. To be clear, I was the entire Customer Experience department…for many years. Then when the wirefree revolution began and I was no longer able to take care of our customers on my own, Caitlin joined the team. At the time, Caitlin was a stay at home mom to a three year old. She was also insanely hard working, committed  and had prior experience in the bra industry. 

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So often mothers are overlooked by companies simply because they require a flexible schedule. Typically when women leave the labor force to start a family and then attempt to re-join once their schedule allows, they are discriminated against. 43% of highly skilled women never return to the workforce after having children (whether that is by choice or the result of discrimination, deflated compensation, and the exorbitant price of childcare is not specified).

After experimenting with one part-time support agent who has autonomy over her schedule, our founder Bree and I realized that “we need more Caitlins.” Thus began the EB initiative to provide mothers with community, recognition and employment. It really doesn’t sound that radical on paper, but you would be hard pressed to find other companies that give agency and respect to their employees and allow them to work whatever odd hours they wish. 

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Flash forward 2.5 years later and our Customer Experience Team is made up of four stay at home mothers with eclectic backgrounds, career paths, degrees and future goals. And honestly, who better to help you with your bra journey than women who have experienced the transformative wonders of motherhood.

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Our team may not always be able to respond immediately like other companies that use third party agencies and AI bots, but I guarantee you will be treated with care and dedication from each member of this extraordinary team. 

To me, this employment model is the manifestation of “women supporting women” and thinking outside the norm. My hope is that other organizations catch on to the historically untapped potential of employing WFM moms! 

With Love,
Loulou Milligan
Head of CX