The Women Behind Our Name

While dreaming up the ideal name for our brand, Founder & CEO Bree McKeen found inspiration close to home. Evelyn & Bobbie is named after Bree's grandmother, Evelyn Eckhardt, and her aunt, Elizabeth “Bobbie” Becker. Bree comes from a family of problem-solvers and makers. These two independent ladies possessed the essential characteristics and qualities she knew she wanted infused into her company.

Innately elegant, Evelyn celebrated art and design. A polyglot with impeccable etiquette, she enjoyed a successful career in New York as a model and showgirl. Throughout her life, she remained intellectually curious and boldly outspoken during an important period of social progress in American history. She personified the modern woman who values herself enough to invest in quality design.


Having come of age during the Great Depression, Bobbie was always ready to take on big challenges. The first to jump in and roll up her sleeves with a smile, she was outgoing, fun-loving, and infinitely curious. Bobbie was a voracious reader, world traveler, and successful business woman. She expressed herself via her avant-garde personal style through her self-designed wardrobe. She often said: “If something isn’t working, try something new.”

Evelyn embodied boldness and beauty; Bobbie embodied innovation and function. It made sense to put these great ladies’ names together to help guide the brand into the future. The spirits and stories that we find in the true legacies of Evelyn and Bobbie lift us and propel us forward. We value Evelyn's bold, sophisticated beauty and appreciation for design and Bobbie’s innovative, creative and entrepreneurial values. When we think about what our customers want, we think about what Evelyn and Bobbie would want: it's what all women want.

Evelyn & Bobbie strives to deliver beautiful, high-functioning products and unique experiences. It’s our goal to build a supportive community with a solid foundation. As the world’s first product design company devoted to true bra innovation, our brand aspires to reshape the future one body at a time.