Redefining 'Nude': Our Journey to Inclusive Bra Tones

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When I showed up to make better bras, there was a lot about “the way things were done” that didn’t make sense. I knew that I wanted a nude bra that wouldn’t show under clothes. And I knew from talking to hundreds and hundreds of women during R&D, that a “good basic nude” was a nearly universal essential. 

What didn’t make sense, was that “nude” was, at the time, generally one color: beige. I remember thinking “nude is rude.” 

Now, there are reasons why nude was one color for so long. And while convenient for companies to ignore the realities of diversity in this big world, it’s not what customers actually need. And since I was founding a company to serve a purpose for women, inclusive nude tones was a non-negotiable. We launched with a full range of nude tones in 2016 – even before we launched black!

And, as a tribute to our geekish ways, we set out to find the right complexion palette scientifically.

We used a pantone scanner to scan the skintone hundreds of real women, and then use that information to select the most complimentary skin tones we could identify.

Today, I’m super pleased to see other brands, even some of the bigger, older brands, following suit and offering inclusive nude tones. Now, that doesn’t mean they are all doing it well…. But hey, a step in the right direction is better than stagnation any day.

We have heard from customers that having their own perfect nude tone means a lot. It means a lot to us that our customers choose Evelyn & Bobbie as their “second skin” each day.

Here are a few hot “nude” tips:


Have a fair skin tone with pink undertones? Try Himalayan Salt!
That’s a great “nude,” too!


True Complexion colors are also just beautiful colors.
Umber, named after a warm brown mineral, looks good on almost every skin tone.


If you are in between colors, err on the side of one shade darker. A darker bra will disappear more easily under sheer or white clothing than
one that is a bit lighter than your skin tone.

Please share your thoughts with us! We are listening. Every time you reach out to us, your note goes right to a real person. You can’t imagine how many times our team has discussed real feedback we’ve gotten from customers just like you. You are, after all, why we exist!

With love,