QVC Small Business of the Year


No mediocre products.

It’s something I say a lot. It was a mental benchmark for me from day one of Evelyn & Bobbie. We would never launch something that was “good enough.” It had to be great. That’s why today, we still only have 8 bra styles. That’s remarkably few for a product company of our size, and few again next to other bra companies. 

We obsess over our product design. We truly dare to do things differently. We have a true story, and a lot of technical details that set us apart.

That ends up being, well… a lot to talk about. And there is no better format for telling the Evelyn & Bobbie story than QVC. We have reached so many incredible new customers through QVC, and we have sold out on-air too many times to count now. 

So, you can imagine our total elation to learn that this year, Evelyn & Bobbie was the recipient of the Small Business of the Year award at QVC. After the awards ceremony, I got to have lunch with the QVC CEO. He asked thoughtful questions, listened to our answers, and probed for new ideas. 

We are really so grateful to get this award. Victoria (who has led this account through so much growth) and I stood proudly on that stage and it’s with total pride that we share this accomplishment also with you.


stay tuned for more.

We will be doing more to let you know when our QVC airings are coming up. Even if you don’t have cable, you can still pop on and watch on YouTube (just search “QVC Live”). The energy with the hosts is palpable, and I know you’ll have fun tuning in!

Thank you to our friends at QVC. And to each of you who have come to the Evelyn & Bobbie family through QVC, we are so happy to be joining you on your comfort journey!

With love,