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It was 86 degrees on my wedding day, and I wanted a full coverage style that wouldn’t leave me sweaty with my thighs sticking together, and wouldn’t show through under white. So, I chose my Longline Girlshorts. I put them on, and then I didn’t give them another thought for the rest of the day.

Just the way underwear should feel:
perfectly forgettable!

I know, I know. So many brides pick perfect white lacey getups that are straight out of the Victorian era. But that’s not for me. I decided to stick to the EB ethos that I live by: comfort first. It was a big day for me. I wanted to sit, stand, and boogie down in total comfort. And I’ve never felt better. So whether it’s an ordinary day or a Big Day, choose comfort!

Every day is your day.

  • A band that is too loose. If your band hikes up between your shoulder blades and is loose, you are almost certainly carrying the weight of your boobs on your shoulders. No bueno. You need a smaller band size or a less stretched-out bra, at a minimum.
  • When you wear a properly fitting Evelyn & Bobbie bra, your “long-line” band sits low on your torso. It hugs the bottom of your ribs. That, combined with wide-set straps, puts the load of your bust on your skeleton and core muscles. That feels like “ahhhh,  I feel two inches taller!”
  • Your underwire is sitting on breast tissue. This is actually a big deal. Not good. I can’t tell you how many 32DDD customers I have seen over the years that have been told by retailers that they are a 36C. They sport a band that is too loose and a wire that sits on top of breast tissue at the center front, side boob, or both. Now, don’t get me started on the lack of research evaluating the impact that wearing underwire bras has on our breast health (I can and will go on for days…), but we absolutely do know that no wire should be sitting on breast tissue.
  • Ok, you know what’s coming next... Hey, I’ve got an idea: how about we ditch that underwire all together and simply wear soft, flexible garments that move with our body?? It’s time.
  • You’ve gotten used to daily bra pain. When I started this company, my mom had permanent divots in her shoulders from narrow bra straps. Most women have ten to twenty bras in their drawer and only regularly wear one or two of them. Usually the most worn-out ones; the ones you can tolerate. But that does not mean they are comfortable, healthy, or supportive of healthy posture.
  • If you have divots in your shoulders from bra straps, it’s time to switch to healthier bras. (I know a lady…)

Feel Supported Every Step of the Way in Evelyn & Bobbie